More than 200 million people around the world speak Portuguese in Europe (Portugal), Latin America (Brazil), Africa (Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde) and Asia (Timor Leste), making it a truly global language. At CMC, the Portuguese program focuses on Brazil, the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. Our courses develop students’ proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing in cultural context, fostering an ample understanding of Brazilian history, culture and society.

In order to practice the language outside the classroom, and meet advanced and native Portuguese speakers, students have an opportunity to participate in a number of Portuguese Tables in different college dining halls (CMC, Pitzer and Oldenborg, at Pomona). We also offer a number of activities, including films, academic conferences, sessions dedicated to Brazilian music, and workshops on cultural expressions like capoeira or samba.

At this moment, CMC does not offer a major in Portuguese. However, learning the language and understanding the cultural richness of Brazil can become essential for a deeper understanding of Latin America in fields like literature, politics, history, environmental studies, social justice, economics and international relations. CMC students interested in Portuguese have traveled to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Fortaleza, to enhance their language skills and to participate in internships, with the help of the Modern Languages Department and the Off-Campus Study Office.


PORT 33 (Intermediate Portuguese) meets the General Education Requirement in Foreign Language, and PORT 44 (Advanced Portuguese) fulfills the General Education Requirement for Foreign Literatures in the Humanities.

Current Courses in Portuguese

For more information about Portuguese courses at CMC or about Brazil related activities, please contact Prof. Norman Valencia, nvalencia@cmc.edu