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William F. Podlich Distinguished Fellows Program

The William F. Podlich Distinguished Fellows Program at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California invites leaders in academia, the professions, and public affairs to share their intellectual talents with the students and faculty of CMC, a college consistently ranked as one of the top liberal arts institutions in the nation. The Podlich Distinguished Fellows Program provides an outstanding experience for both scholar and student in a rich academic environment within The Claremont Colleges — a consortium of five undergraduate and two graduate institutions. The program focuses on intellectual vibrance provides Podlich Fellows the opportunity to be in-residence on our campus for a full semester or an academic year.

Hosted with competitive honoraria and housing allowance at Claremont McKenna College, Podlich Visiting Fellows come to campus to share their knowledge amid our rich academic environment, contributing lectures and course activities. Podlich Fellows are excellent public speakers who are ardent about their line of work; they are seeking to share their passion for their field while having time to focus on their research. During their stay, Podlich Fellows present a lecture at the College's renowned Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, a center for discussion virtually unmatched in any liberal arts setting.


The Podlich Distinguished Fellows Program was founded by Claremont McKenna College alumnus and trustee William F. Podlich in 1998 to enrich the College intellectually by bringing preeminent figures in scholarship, business, and public affairs to campus for extended visits.

Nomination Process

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Application Process

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Recent Podlich Fellows

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