Faculty Governance

In addition to performing the teaching duties customarily performed by college faculties, faculty of Claremont McKenna College participate in their self-governance as well as the governance of the College. Among the functions of the faculty are these: To form such organization of the entire teaching staff, adopt such rules of procedure, and establish such committees as may seem appropriate.

To initiate and recommend to the Trustees, or to approve directly or through its constituted committees, all policies and actions directly affecting the curriculum and other educational matters, including the establishment or discontinuance of new courses or fields of instruction, all such action being subject to review and approval by the Board of Trustees.

To select, when so requested by the Board of Trustees, special committees or representatives to advise with committees of the Board on any matter affecting the life and functions of the College.

— For additional information see the CMC Faculty Handbook.

All faculty are expected to attend Faculty Meetings whenever possible. Regular meetings of the Faculty are called by the Dean of the Faculty three to four regularly scheduled times per term during the academic year, unless canceled for lack of business, and informal meetings of the faculty may occur whenever it seems desirable or Faculty meetings occur are explained at length in the Faculty Handbook.