Community Outreach

Ever since her undergraduate years at CMC as a Government major, Jennifer Waggoner ’95 has been interested in creating positive social outcomes across a variety of sectors, ranging from the non-profit to the for-profit.

CMCers clearly like a challenge. Throughout Teach For America’s 23-year history, 126 CMC alumni have taught as corps members. Eleven of them joined this year, and about 13 percent of CMC’s graduating seniors applied to Teach For America's 2013 corps. On a just-released list by TFA, the College ranked 15th among small colleges and universities (2,999 or fewer students) contributing the greatest number of graduating seniors to its 2013 teaching corps.

High school students converged on CMC this spring to debate an issue of central diplomatic and military importance for the world. What was it?

The Trojan War.

Asuman Aksoy Asuman Aksoy

After a first (but she says certainly not last) “abysmal” grade on a midterm, Laura Renfroe ’14 decided to flee the stress of school and go to the local animal shelter. Playing fetch with a dog named Meatball and holding Kermit the kitten changed her perspective. “It reminded me what was important in life,” she says. “I found myself going back every week or so, and more and more friends tagged along each time.”

Athena LacrosseCLAREMONT, Calif.