RLCIE is proud to promote and recognize all student projects at the Claremont Colleges and provide support through student, mentor, and faculty feedback.

The RLCIE does not only recognize already-entrepreneurial students. We, the RLCIE community, are all here to introduce and foster entrepreneurship in students that would not have otherwise considered it. We have several resources and guides that can help budding entrepreneurs with any background or experience thrive.

In addition to our many “homegrown” resources, we have compiled the following lists of our favorite resources for your venture’s needs. Whether you need to learn how to code, market your business effectively through social media, or write founders agreements, this database will provide useful knowledge by experienced entrepreneurs.

RLCIE constantly updates this page as we discover new resources. If you have suggestions, let us know!

Have a project to share?

CIE wants to highlight student achievement across the Claremont Colleges and highlight all the wonderful projects our students create. Have a project or achievement to share? Let us know!

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