The end of summer may be in sight, but there’s still plenty of time for vacation reading, starting with the following selection of new and recent releases by members of CMC’s alumni community:


World War Z

World War Z author Max Brooks: "I went to the Army ROTC office at CMC my freshman year because... I thought, 'America's been really good to me and we're at war (Desert Storm), and I'm going to give back...' ” World War Z author Max Brooks: "I went to the Army ROTC office at CMC my freshman year because...



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Dr. Nannerl Keohane Dr. Nannerl Keohane

Home isn’t simply the place where you were born. It’s more than that, Pico Iyer told students Tuesday night at the Athenaeum.

Home, Iyer said with his trademark pithy style, is “about soul, not soil.”

John Meany had some great news to share at a meeting on campus the other day. As if he needed the growth in the debate outreach programming he supervises (and he doesn’t, only because the demand is high but manpower is spread thin), his efforts have an even bigger audience now.

In the intensive three-week course “Bread and Circuses in Ancient Rome” (May 22-June 12), CMC Assistant Professor of Roman and late Antique History Shane Bjornlie will explore various categories of Roman culture that defined both private lives and the public image of society.

The crowd was full to overflowing at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum last night (April 3). They all came to hear author Rebecca Skloot talk about her debut book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which has been a runaway bestseller on the New York Times bestseller list for more than three years since its publication.

Though many of his books are about visits to far-off places, acclaimed writer Pico Iyer is interested in far more than miles trekked or places of interest.

It’s the existential aspect, and the special revelations produced in the course of traveling, that often lie at the heart of his many books.