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Anticipating Luna’s inclusion in Wiseman’s TIME article, the magazine dispatched an award-winning, young British freelance photographer (Laura Pannack) to photograph Luna on CMC’s campus one Saturday. The shoot with Pannack started on a late, clear m

It had been a long, busy day for popular author Rosalind Wiseman, who wrote about the social dynamics of girls in the bestseller Queen Bees and Wannabes. But in the vortex of publicity surrounding her newest research on boys and young men, Wiseman graciously cleared a path in her schedule at the mention of CMC freshman Sebastian Luna.

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

The 2009 Henry R. Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership winner Dr. Sakena Yacoobi has won the 2013 Opus Prize for her work founding The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL).

The Opus Prize is given annually by the Opus Prize Foundation with its university partners, including Georgetown University, which bestowed the award this year.


Landesa, the 2006 recipient of the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership and nominated as one of the top NGOs in the world, has been advocating the UN on the issue of land rights and also received accolades at the recent Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. The organization created an infographic and accompanying op-ed on the issue of land rights and how land rights support a host of other important development efforts.

"Don't let 'the best' be the enemy of 'the good' " -- that was Roy Prosterman's advice to students, faculty, and entrepreneurs during yesterday's gathering of past recipients of the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership to discuss obstacles and lessons learned in their work.

The nine recipients of the Henry R. Kravis Prize for Leadership, which honors the efforts of leaders in the non-profit sector, are more than just winners, they’re a community working for the same goal – change – and spreading that message with the media’s help in order to make that community grow.

Land is the key

Brittan Sutphin '14, is a superb athlete (she’s a nationally-ranked tennis player for CMS) and a Biochemistry major at CMC. But she might not even be here if it weren’t for some quick thinking when she suffered sudden cardiac arrest while swimming in a pool in high school.

That incident changed her life and inspired her to lead an organization called Youth Battling Sudden Arrhythmia Deaths (YBSAD).

The 2013 flu season is here, and is predicted to be severe. Dr. Jennie Ho from Student Health Services offers the following information on staying healthy, as well as what to do if you are feeling under the weather. Information about flu shots is also included below.

Tips on staying healthy during this time:

• Eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep, and exercise to keep up your resistance.