Sustainability at CMC: Academics


Educating for sustainability fulfills the mission of Claremont McKenna College to prepare future leaders. Coursework at CMC incorporates opportunities for students to learn about the concepts and principles surrounding complex critical global environmental issues. CMC provides opportunities to enhance learning and connects students with leadership and research applications.

Roberts Environmental Center

The Roberts Environmental Center at CMC supports a combination of scientific, economic, and political considerations in the analysis of environmental issues through its sponsorship of the Environment, Economics, and Politics major, student employment, internships, and a speaker series. Its research, conducted jointly by faculty and students, includes analysis of the environmental and social responsibility reporting of the world’s largest companies, national higher education institutions’ sustainability efforts, and field studies of the efficacy of natural resource management projects by state and federal agencies.

Environment, Economics, and Politics major

The interdisciplinary Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) major is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of environmental fields as well as for graduate study in a related field. The major is designed to develop a general understanding of the various disciplines that study environmental systems including biology, chemistry, economics, and government policy. The program also emphasizes the ways in which the various disciplines inform each other in environmental decision-making settings.

Environmental Analysis Program

The Environmental Analysis Program (EAP) is designed to prepare students for careers in a range of environmental problem-solving fields, including law, policy, medicine, chemistry, conservation, global climate change, urban planning, and resource management. It also provides a solid background for careers in environmental education and community environmental action.