What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Wash Cold Hang Dry

Wash cold and skip the dryer for a drying rack for a big impact.

Use a Reusable Mug and Clamshell

Faculty, staff and students can all save landfill space by using a reusable mug and take- away clamshell.

Shower Smarter

You can help preserve water and energy by making simple changes to your routine.

Eat Your Veggies

Eating meat leaves a large environmental footprint. Shrink your footprint by reducing meat in your diet.

Switch to LED

Make a difference with the bulbs you choose.

Walk or Bike

Choose zero-carbon commuting to do your part to freshen the air.

Remember Your Bag

Reusable shopping bags can make a big difference.

Print Less

Think before you print and double-side when you must.

Unplug It

Phantom energy continues even when your devices are turned off.

Know Your Stream

How well do you understand recycling in Claremont?


If you have additional ideas, contact SSPEAR or the Roberts Environmental Center.