Career Services For Alumni

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Virtually all career services that were available to you as a CMC student are available to you as an alumna/us. The Career Services Center does not charge alumni for any services other than access to online assessment tools.

Job Listings for Alumni

Many jobs for alumni are posted on Handshake, our online recruiting system and job board. Jobs are also posted on the Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association LinkedIn page. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to become a member of that auspicious group of 4,600+ alums as it is an active and useful site.

Electronic resources are an important part of the job search process, but they are not always the most effective means of finding employment. There are large hidden job markets that are best explored through personal contacts, professional associations and relationships.

Post a Job or Internship

If you are looking to recruit CMC or Claremont College students to work for your organization, you have come to the right place. We are part of the 7-C College Recruiting Program which means that you can post a position across all of the consortium schools. You can post the job on Handshake as an employer. Here are some additional programs we offer:

  • On-Campus Interviews: You can set up times to interview Claremont students on-campus.
  • Information Sessions: We offer employers the opportunity to come to our office and speak with students about you and your organization. You can help students discover new career options and build a professional relationship.
  • Coffee Chat: Get to know students in small groups! Meet with 2-3 students at a time and discuss your company, role, and recruiting process. Career Services can handle all of the scheduling logistics for this event.
  • Attend a Career Fair or Meet-Up: We have a number of events over the course of the year in which you can network and engage with students who are interested in employment opportunities.

For additional information on any of these programs and dates, please contact Charlene Kile. Additionally, if you would like to post an internship or full-time role for CMC students, please go to our Alumni & Family Job and Internship Posting Form. (Please note: If you are not alumni or a CMC parent, you can post the job on Handshake as an employer.)

Job Shadowing

A job shadow experience entails hosting a CMC student, in your office, for a few hours or full day of observation. Organized by interest cluster, we are seeking individuals who would be willing to host students for a 6-8 hour office visit over winter and summer breaks. The goals are to provide CMC students with more information about career options and to personally experience a day in the life in various professions. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the following survey, and a career coach assigned to your preferred interest cluster will be in touch if we match you with a student.

Share your Career Insights - Experts-in-Residence

Career Services invites our CMC families to share their expertise and experiences in a particular interest cluster with our students. We seek experts at two levels: Generalists and Specialists. 

  • Generalists are tasked with working with students who are new to an industry and are looking for some basic tenants, or a primer, that will help them further investigate the industry.  Many career resources are great at providing detailed information on certain sectors, but only someone in the industry can provide a concise overview as to the different lines of work, majors players, current event resources, and other information that provide an overall picture. Conversation may include information about first jobs, good decisions (or bad ones), favorite elements of your work, who and what prepared you the most for your profession, and what you know now that you wish you knew then!
  • Specialists are tasked with working with students who have narrowed their interests and know the basics about the industry. These questions have a tendency to focus on answers to interview questions, how to differentiate between company cultures, and other information specific to a particular role.

If you are interested in participating in our Experts-in-Residence Program, please complete the following survey, and a career coach assigned to your preferred interest cluster will provide your contact information to relevant students. On average, our Experts receive 1-3 emails per month.

Online Alumni Directory

Fellow alumni are available to talk to you about their jobs, organizations, and industries as well as offer advice about how to find work and develop your career. Conducting informational interviews can be a very helpful activity, since it provides you with both information and personal contacts. The Alumni Directory can be accessed through the Alumni Gateway. Just click on Online Alumni Directory and log in with your alumni username and password. If you don't know your username and password, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at or (909) 621-8097. We also encourage you to get involved with a variety of networking opportunities that are offered by the Alumni Relations Office and the Alumni Chapters. For more information, please visit the CMC Alumni Association Chapters page.

Career Coaching

Individualized career coaching is a hallmark of CMC Career Services. Alumni are assigned to a career coach by "interest cluster". You can simply request an appointment through Handshake, our online communications and recruiting system. Career coaching can be helpful in:

  • Clarifying career or life goals
  • Creating a personalized timeline and "game plan"
  • Preparing and refining a resume, cover letter, or personal statement
  • Researching and applying to graduate or professional schools
  • Identifying and applying for internships and job opportunities
  • Learning the nuts and bolts of the interview process and taking practice interviews
  • Understanding the concept of networking and using networking for career exploration purposes
  • Researching employers
  • Negotiating employment offers


The Clifton Strengths Assessment (or Clifton Strengths for Students), is grounded in Positive Psychology and can help you recognize and develop your strengths by identifying your natural talents—the way in which you most naturally think, feel, and behave as a unique individual. An understanding of personal strengths is useful for building a resume, exploring career possibilities, taking on leadership roles, applying for jobs/internships and considering graduate programs. With the help of a career coach, you can strategically focus on a rewarding career path based on who you are–naturally–and can maximize your potential for success by building on your unique talents. This is also an excellent tool to help you prepare for interviews.