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Science & Environment Interest Cluster

What are Science & Environment Careers?

Contemporary science and environment careers are typically subdivided into 4 areas:

1. Physical sciences - the study of the material universe (e.g., physics, chemistry, earth, etc.)

2. Life sciences - the study of living organisms (e.g., biology, neuroscience, pharmaceutical research, botany, food science, zoology, etc.)

3. Formal sciences - the study of formal systems (e.g., logic, mathematics, statistics, geography, geology, game theory, etc.)

4. Environmental science and conservation is the study of the environment and the effect that human activity has on it. There are many career pathways within the environmental sector, including science and research, regulatory compliance and consulting, planning, community organizing and activism, policy work, education, and law.

Recent CMC graduates typically begin their careers as a chemist, lab manager, research assistant, associate, or research associate.

Would you Thrive in Science or Environment?

  • Are you drawn to solving problems with data and an analytical skill set?
  • Are you a systems-builder?
  • Do you enjoy conducting scientific research?
  • Are you fascinated by the natural world and how it works?
  • Do you care deeply about human impact on the environment?

If yes, you may be a great fit for the field of Science and/or Environment!

How can you Learn More about Science & Environment?

What should you know about Recruitment in Science & Environment?

On-campus research opportunities are available throughout the year at Keck Science and as part of the CMC Summer Research Program. Many students also spend their summers interning in a research lab at another university. These are all excellent ways to gain valuable research lab experience prior to graduation. External employers are most likely to post internships and jobs from January - April. The majority of recruitment will take place off-campus. For those interested in graduate school studies, applications are due from November - January. 

Who's your Science & Environment Career Coach?

Gary Salata -

Gary Salata

Gary works with students, employers, and alumni associated with the following interest clusters: Medicine, Biotech & Health Services; Consulting; and Science & Environment. Gary has extensive experience in higher education and leadership. Prior to joining CMC, Gary spent extended time with The Princeton Review, working his way from SAT instructor to Executive Director of the Los Angeles Office. He found his way to higher education with an admissions start up, Joined, Inc. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of California, San Diego.


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