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College is the perfect time to explore all the career options available to you. The Soll Center for Student Opportunity offers a number of programs, events, and skills training to help you explore career paths successfully and in a supportive environment.

Networking Treks

One of the best ways to explore options within an industry is to participate in one of the Soll Center's many annual networking treks that take place during Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. The treks last anywhere from 2-5 days with 3-5 organization visits per day. Past treks have taken small groups of students to Los Angeles (Creative & Entertainment), New York City (Financial Services), San Diego (Medicine & Biotech), San Francisco (Consulting and Technology), and Washington D.C. (Government & Public Policy). CMC covers the cost of all lodging and most food costs for the entire trek. Stipends are available to offset transportation costs for students who qualify. Watch out for emails about upcoming treks from the Career Coaches.

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Career Chats

CMC Career Chats are experiential learning opportunities that allow CMC students to explore and gain an insider’s view into a specific role within an industry or profession. They are offered as virtual job talks, hosted by a CMC alumnus/a or parent, in which you can get to learn first-hand about different career paths and graduate school programs, and get all your questions answered. Watch out for email notifications about upcoming Career Chats.

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Internships & Experiences

Internships and experiences are an important part of your exploration and personal and professional growth. Internships are a key way to learn about what you like and what you are good at, as well as what you do not like and are not good at, before you commit to a post-graduate career. We encourage you to use internships and experiences to explore your interests, try something new, and gain new skills. The Soll Center for Student Opportunity offers many ways to help you find an internship or experience. You can also work with a Career Coach to help design your own internship or experience. The Sponsored Internships & Experiences program helps pay for the costs associated with your summer internship or experience.

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Career Fairs & Industry Meet-Ups

A career fair or industry meet-up brings a cross-section of employers to campus to meet students and share their internship and full-time opportunities. This is an important first impression with potential employers and it is important to prepare for these events, learn how to make the most of the event, and how to follow-up after the event. Learn about how to navigate a career fair or industry meet-up successfully.

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Employer Info Sessions & Alumni Panels

Information sessions with employers are a great way to learn more about a specific employer and gain useful insights into recruitment tactics at their organization or in their industry. If you plan to apply for an opportunity at some point with an employer, attending one of their info sessions or an alumni panel is a great way to learn more about the organization or career path first. You can register for info sessions and alumni panels on the events page of Handshake.

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Researching CMC Alumni on LinkedIn

One of the ways in which CMC is so special is our amazing community of alumni. We have CMC alumni in every country and working across every industry and profession. Alumni are available to help current students explore their options and learn from other people’s experiences. LinkedIn is the primary tool for finding CMC alumni and researching their career bios. We highly recommend that you create your own free LinkedIn account so that you can access alumni information on the platform. Before reaching out, please read our CMC Informational Interviewing Guide first.

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Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviews are conversations that you schedule with someone to learn about an industry, organization or role. Informational interviews are the best way to build professional relationships and gain advice and information. They enable you to get insider information, learn about career paths and company culture, discover opportunities that may not be posted online and are an important first step in helping you build your professional network of contacts.

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Quick Resource Guides & References

The Soll Center for Student Opportunity provides many resources to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals. Below are a few of our most popular resources.

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