Sponsored Internships & Experiences Unique Opportunities


The SIE program encompasses many unique opportunities for CMC students.  Below are some quick details of the most notable of these opportunities.   

Academic/Research Opportunities

CMC Summer Research Program: The CMC Summer Research Program provides research and intellectual opportunities to up to 20 CMC students on campus over the summer. Under the supervision of a CMC faculty member, they will engage in full-time work for 400 hours over 10 weeks either on a faculty member's research project, or a project of their own design. Student projects could also be scaled down to full-time work over eight weeks. Students will be encouraged to live in one of the senior apartment buildings on campus.

WM Keck Science Department:  CMC has a limited amount of funding to support research in a Keck Science Lab.  Students should apply directly to the Keck Science department who will forward potential, select candidates to the SIE Program portal.  In the case that students are not selected by Keck Science, students are also encouraged to apply directly to SIE for other science opportunities.

Experiences and Internship Funds

Appel Fellowship:  The Appel Fellowship provides first-year students up to $4000 for domestic projects and up to $6000 for international projects to support purposeful, independent experiences that culminate in a meaningful writing project.  Please see the Center for Writing and Public Discourse’s Appel Fellowship Page for more details.  If you have been asked to be an Appel Faculty Advisor, please refer to the Appel Fellowship Faculty Guide for more details.

The Gould Center Creative Works Fellowship: The Creative Works Fellowship (CWF) summer program provides CMC students in the humanities the opportunity to engage in meaningful, self-directed summer projects that culminate in some kind of creative output.  The outputs of CWF projects could range across a multitude of media.  In summer 2021, the Gould Center made five CWF awards.  At this time, this program is being targeted to sophomores.  In exceptional cases, they will consider applications from first-year students.  Please see the Gould Center's Creative Works Fellowship Page for more details. 

CMC in India Internship Program:  The CMC in India Internship Program places CMC students at internships with multinational information technology, venture capital firms, and non-profits in India.  Examples from previous summers include Infosys, Catamaran Ventures, Hexagon Wealth Management, NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL), Akshaya Patra, and the Ashoka Foundation.  CMC students are strongly encouraged to apply to the Infosys "Instep" Internship Program and intern for Infosys in Bangalore.

Geneen Trust Internship Program:  This internship program supports CMC students at internships associated with corporate governance and business ethics.  These internships can include work with non-profit or for-profit entities, research, and other hands-on pragmatic experiences. Organizations that students have interned for in the past are the US Securities and Commission, the Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council, and the Global Public Policy Institute.

OmprakashOmprakash is a curated network of internship opportunities with over 180 grassroots social impact organizations in over 40 countries around the world.  Students can apply to work with organizations in fields including education, public health, environmental sustainability, economic development, migration and refugees, and gender-based activism.  Check out www.omprakash.org/search and apply directly to organizations that meet your interests.

Uoroboros Fellowship Program:  This exclusive fellowship will be offered to a select number of students for internships or independent projects that have the potential to be life-transforming. The proposal must be for a geographic location where the applicant has never lived and cannot be with business or government. Fellowship projects must provide experiential exposure in an international setting and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Structured with a sponsoring agency, institution or organization operating in the international arena

  • Designed by the student and approved by a sponsoring agency, institution or organization

  • Approved or made available by a CMC faculty member or by CMC alumni

Partnered Internships with CMC Institutes and Centers

Gould Center for Humanistic Studies Partnered Internships: The Gould Center for Humanistic Studies has developed partnered internships with KPCC-Southern California Public Radio (Los Angeles, CA), National Women's History Museum (Alexandria, VA) and the Dallas Public Library (Dallas, TX).  For more information, see the Gould Center's Internship Page.

Kravis Lab for Social Impact:  The Kravis Lab for Social Impact supports domestic and international summer internships with social impact start-ups. These partners allow students to work alongside emerging social entrepreneurs and help launch their start-ups or scale their impact. Please see the Kravis Lab Internships page for more details.

Kravis Leadership Institute Internship Programs:  The Kravis Leadership Institute (KLI) supports a wide variety of transformative domestic and international internships that enhances understanding of leadership in the public (for-profit), governmental, or not-for-profit (social) sectors.  Please see the KLI Internship page for more details.

Mgrublian Center for Human Rights Internship Program:  The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights Internship Program provides student grants of up to approximately $5,000 to support projects that engage undergraduates in the field of human rights. The internships cover a wide range of activities, including: working for organizations that promote human rights or raise awareness about related issues; undertaking research for a scholarly project (including senior theses); and developing an independent program in a field related to human rights studies.  The internship program is open to CMC freshmen, sophomores and juniors.  All Mgrublian recipients are encouraged to register for at least transcript notation course (INT 98).  Students are encouraged to submit proposals from domestic or international organizations who meet the criteria for this program. Please see the Mgrublian Center’s page for more details.

Peter Adams International Internship Program sponsored by the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies:  The Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies offers financial assistance for students to participate in an international learning and work experience related to career plans. The Program is open to all CMC sophomores and juniors and preference is given to International Relations majors.  Internships must be international in substance but may be international or domestic in location. For example, a student could receive Keck Center support for an internship at the Department of State in Washington, D.C.  Internships may be with government departments, non-governmental organizations, and private corporations. 

Peter Adams International Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to the Regional Security Studies Program at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.  While the selection process is controlled by an outside organization, historically Claremont McKenna students have been successful in securing this internship opportunity.

Roberts Environmental Center:  The Roberts Environmental Center has developed multiple internships with the Mono Lake Committee, a non-profit in Lee Vining, CA dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Mono Basin ecosystem.