Career Services Mentors

Meher Bedi ‘24
Meher Bedi ‘24

Major: Psychological Science with Data Science and Leadership Sequences
Fun fact: I can have up to 3 glasses of coffee and still manage to fall asleep.

Alexander Broegger ‘24
Alexander Broegger ‘24

Major: Economics and Psychology with Data Science Sequence
Fun fact: I’m half-Danish, half-Malaysian and was raised in Hong Kong, Germany and the Netherlands.

Cindy Burga Romero ‘23
Cindy Burga Romero ‘23

Major: Economics and Psychology Dual Major
Fun fact: Around Thanksgiving I like to snack on cranberry sauce and rice a lot.

Isabel Carter ’25
Isabel Carter ‘25

Major: Economics and Computer Science
Fun fact: Originally from San Diego but grew up in Shanghai!

Camille Forte ‘23
Camille Forte ‘23

Major: History & International Relations
Fun fact: I joined the cross country team this year!

Bhaavika Guptha ’24
Bhaavika Guptha ‘24

Major: Economics with Finance Sequence
Fun fact: I love baking and binge watching TV shows!

Matthew Ho ‘24
Matthew Ho ‘24

Major: Economics with Data Science Sequence
Fun fact: I’ve been to a city that doesn’t exist anymore (can you guess which one that is?)

Kalpita Jain ‘23
Kalpita Jain ‘23

Major: Economics (maybe dual in Psych) with financial economics
Fun fact: I consume more chocolate than you’d think.

Scarlet (Yanxi) Liu ‘24
Scarlett (Yanxi) Liu ‘24

Major: PPE and Psychology Dual
Fun fact: Born and raised 10 minutes away from Tiananmen Square.

Herbert Lohmus
Herbert Lohmus ‘23

Major: Economics
Fun fact: I've lived on three continents.

Abizer Mamnoon ‘25
Abizer Mamnoon ‘25

Major: Economics and Data Science Dual
Fun fact: I love to bake and cook.

Samantha Manywa ‘23
Samantha Manywa ‘23

Major: Economics with a Financial Economics sequence
Fun fact: In my free time, I love to discover new coffee shops and try their coffee.

Jay Morris
Jay Morris ‘23

Major: Economics and Mathematics
Fun fact: I hiked and climbed the Swiss Alps with a group of students from over 15 different countries one Summer and became close friends with two Russian twins.

Carol Nobili ‘24
Carol Nobili ‘24

Major: Economics; Sequence: Data Science
Fun fact: I moved to LA 7 years ago from Brazil and I didn’t know any English.

Emily Ortiz
Emily Ortiz ‘23

Major: International Relations

Kenneth Owusu ‘24
Kenneth Owusu ‘24

Major: Philosophy
Fun fact: I was born in Ghana.

Jasmine	Perales
Jasmine Perales ‘23

Major: Government and Chicanx Latinx Studies
Fun fact: I lived in Mexico for two years.

Brianna Roldan ‘24
Brianna Roldan ‘24

Major: Economics
Fun fact: I love trying different Kombuchas.

Natasha	Singareddy
Natasha Singareddy ‘23

Major: Cognitive Science
Fun fact: I was born and raised in Australia (but sadly I don’t have the accent anymore).

Amrita Srinivasan ‘23
Amrita Srinivasan ‘23

Major: Biology with a sequence in Data Science
Fun fact: I romanticize my life by vlogging it and sending it to my friends.

Ansh	Avora
Ansh Vora ‘23

Major: Economics, Financial Economics Sequence
Fun fact: My bundle of joy is in boating, playing poker, and Mexican food.

Christina Zogopoulou ’25
Christina Zogopoulou ‘25

Major: Undecided
Fun fact: I love watching old Greek shows.