Career Services Mentors

Holman Pettibone
Holman Pettibone ’21

Major:  EEP
Fun fact: Visited CMC on a whim, ended up applying ED my second day on campus

Raizel Yu
Raizel Yu ’22

Major: Economics/Finance
Fun fact: Starbucks Pink Drink is my obsession *heart eyes*

Emma Finn
Emma Finn ’21

Major: Science Management
Fun fact: I have a twin sister at Scripps!

Olivia Snell
Olivia Snell ’21

Major: Psychology
Fun fact: I once got stuck in a cyclone while mountaineering in New Zealand!

Eda Garcia
Eda Garcia ’21

Major: Government
Fun fact: I love being in the outdoors; I enjoy hiking, camping, and just anything that has to do with nature

Chahat Kaur
Chahat Kaur ’21

Major:  Economics and Organizational Studies
Fun fact: I am interested in playing tennis, which I have been doing for the past seven years now

Victoria Flores Najas
Victoria Flores Najas ’20

Major: Economics
Fun fact: I have lived in four countries and can speak three languages fluently

Ariana Kemp
Ariana Kemp ’20

Major: International Relations
Fun fact: I’m from Colorado, but love the California weather!

Jenifer Hanki
Jenifer Hanki ’20

Major: International Relations, Leadership Sequence
Fun fact: I enjoy painting and making artwork

Abigail Gilliland
Abigail Gilliland ’21

Major: Philosophy and Economics
Fun fact: I live on a farm

Janise Waites ‘22
Janise Waites ‘22

Major: Government with a Gender and Sexuality Sequence
Fun fact: I play on the Claremont Foxes Rugby team

Mert Akan
Mert Akan ’21

Major: Neuroscience and Economics
Fun fact: I am from Turkey

Carter Henderson
Carter Henderson ’21

Major: Religious Studies and Economics
Fun fact: Doesn’t like long walks on the beach

Lena Mersereau
Lena Mersereau ’20

Major: Psychology and International Relations
Fun fact: I earned a black belt when I was 14

Vik Jhunjhunwala
Vik Jhunjhunwala ’20

Major: Economics
Fun fact: Has nine syllables and twenty four letters in his full name

Rishi Deva
Rishi Deva ’21

Major: Economics and Philosophy
Fun fact: While I don’t particularly believe I’m superstitious, I carry a brown cricket bail with me at all times from a fateful match in high school for good luck