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Welcome to Career Services @ the Soll Center for Student Opportunity! Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources to find meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth, both while at CMC and after graduation. We strive to do this through individual coaching, customized programming, networking and opportunities for experiential learning.

Career Services is available to all CMC students and alumni! We are organized by "interest clusters" and students are welcome to make appointments with multiple coaches to assist in their exploration activities. Additionally, we have a robust first-year and transfer program that reconvenes WOA! Groups each October and November to discuss, plan and strategize purposeful engagement over the four year experience. It is never too early for students to take the initiative in preparing themselves for life after graduation.

Partner with Career Services

Alumni, parents and families are a tremendous resource for our office, and we thank you for your support and involvement. As a parent or family member, you can partner with us to continue to help our current students! Here are ways in which you can partner with our office:

Post a Job or Internship for Students and Alumni

Job and internship postings from our CMC families are a wonderful resource for both students and alumni. If you or your organization would like to post a position on Handshake, simply access our Alumni & Family Job and Internship Posting Form(Please note: If you are not a CMC parent or alumni, you can post the job on Handshake as an employer.)

Provide/Fund A Sponsored Internship

CMC has amazing sponsored internship opportunities. We have a myriad of programs, which typically fund domestic opportunities in non-profits and government organizations, and international opportunities in nearly any endeavor.

Share your Career Insights - Experts-in-Residence

Career Services invites our CMC families to share their expertise and experiences in a particular interest cluster with our students. We seek experts experts at two levels: Generalists and Specialists. 

  • Generalists are tasked with working with students who are new to an industry and are looking for some basic tenants, or a primer, that will help them further investigate the industry.  Many career resources are great at providing detailed information on certain sectors, but only someone in the industry can provide a concise overview as to the different lines of work, majors players, current event resources, and other information that provide an overall picture. Conversations may include information about first jobs, good decisions (or bad ones), favorite elements of your work, who and what prepared you the most for your profession, and what you know now that you wish you knew then!
  • Specialists are tasked with working with students who have narrowed their interests and know the basics about the industry. These questions have a tendency to focus on answers to interview questions, how to differentiate between company cultures, and other information specific to a particular role.

If you are interested in participating in our Experts-in-Residence Program, please complete the following survey, and a career coach assigned to your preferred interest cluster will provide your contact information to relevant students. On average, our Experts receive 1-3 emails per month. 

Host a CMC Student in the Office

Job Shadowing

A job shadow experience entails hosting a CMC student, in your office, for a partial or full day of observation. Organized by interest cluster, we are seeking individuals who would be willing to host students for a 6-8 hour office visit over winter and summer breaks. The goals is to provide CMC students with more information about career options and to personally experience a day in the life in various professions. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the following survey, and a career coach assigned to your preferred interest cluster will be in touch if we match you with a student.

Networking Treks 

Each year, we organize student networking trips to cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. Each trip has a particular industry focus, so if you would like to host a visit, please reach out to Ursula Diamond.

Perform Mock Interviews

Career Services invites alumni, family members, and employers to spend a half or full day performing mock interviews with students. Interviewers typically spend about 20 minutes interviewing and then 10 minutes providing feedback in this most useful career development activity. Mock interviews can be conducted in person or over Skype.

Assisting Your Student

We encourage you to have your student make an appointment with our office via Handshake. Additionally, please see the For Students page to help your student make the most of their experience at CMC!


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