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Welcome to CMC Career Services! We are excited to walk you through the career action steps to help you become successful in whatever career path you decide to follow. We encourage you to take a look at each of the resources below that are intended to support you on your career journey. The first step is to figure out your career interests, then explore your options, before embarking on your internship, job or graduate school program.

Not sure where to start? Click here to answer some initial questions about your interests, values, and skills, and to learn more about tools and programming that we offer to help you determine your career interests.

College is the perfect time to explore all the career options available to you and Career Services offers a number of programs, events, and skills training to help you do this successfully. Click here to learn more about the exploration programming that we offer as well as how to utilize the CMC Alumni network to explore the career paths and roles that most interest you.

Campus jobs are a great way to develop valuable skills and experience, as well as to earn money during the semester. There are many opportunities provided by different departments and research institutes at CMC, with preference given to students who qualify for work-study. Click here to learn about the benefits of employment on campus, how to find a job, and work-study considerations.

There are many things to consider when trying to secure an internship or a job, such as creating high quality application materials, knowing where to look for the best opportunities, acing the interview, and managing the offer process. Click here to learn about all these aspects of your internship or job search.

There are many important considerations to make when applying to graduate school. These include when in your career to apply, how to decide which programs best meet your career goals, how to prepare your graduate school applications, and identify potential funding resources. Click here to get more details.

It’s a big transition from high school to college but it’s an even bigger transition from college to the “real world.” We want our graduating seniors to feel supported as you navigate this critical transition, whether that entails finding a full-time job or being accepted to graduate school, finding somewhere to live, and generally coping with new “adulting” responsibilities. Click here to find all the ways that CMC can help you with this important transition.

The Soll Center for Student Opportunity is committed to assisting ALL students in finding and making their place in the world. The Career Services team is available to assist you with a wide array programs, services, and tools to help you in your career and professional exploration. We also embrace and celebrate the diversity you bring to our campus and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where you are welcomed, respected, and supported. Click here to find the many identity programs and resources that we are tracking.

While we encourage every student to come and meet with a career coach on an individual basis, we also offer group resources, such as how-to videos and workshops. We also provide funding mechanisms for summer internships as well as during the semester. Click here to learn more.

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