Creative & Entertainment Interest Cluster

What are Creative & Entertainment Careers?

Creative and entertainment encompass all aspects of arts and design, entertainment and marketing/advertising. These industries attract individuals who are willing to work beyond existing markets and create entirely new opportunities for themselves and others. Artists and entertainers are catalysts for change and innovation. Those on the creative side include artists, performers, writers, musicians, and technicians. Those on the business side include managers, agents, producers, and distributors. In addition to the large production studios, there are also countless smaller marketing firms. Key career sectors include:

  1. Creative side - including fashion; film/television; graphic design; interior design; journalism; music; museums; publishing; radio/Podcasting; sports; theme parks/resorts
  2. Business side - including finance; software engineering, human resources, corporate communications, legal
  3. Marketing - including advertising; branding; digital marketing; market research; social media

Recent CMC graduates have entered the field in a wide array of roles. Beyond the pure creative and design roles such as singer/songwriter or freelance writer, business and marketing roles include a wide variety of opportunities: account executive, ad sales associate, assistant publicist, business development associate, data analyst, optimization & innovation analyst, pricing analyst, product marketing associate, production assistant, and user interface researcher.

Would you Thrive in Creative & Entertainment?

  • Are you a storyteller or creator?
  • Is creative self-expression fundamental to who you are?
  • Do you enjoy working in a creative, fun, and dynamic environment? 
  • Do you want to use your creative, artistic, or social skills to instigate change in the world?
  • Do you have strong presentation, written and verbal communications skills?
  • Are you comfortable developing public relations and marketing strategies?

How can you Learn More about Creative & Entertainment?

What should you know about Recruitment in Creative & Entertainment?

Recruitment in these industries is most likely to occur off-campus. The large film and television studios have very structured recruitment programs for internships and entry-level positions that typically run from November - March. Recruitment in the smaller organizations is less structured and can occur throughout the year. Typical internships and entry-level roles include production assistants and communications/social media roles. If recruiting for a creative role, it is suggested that you create a portfolio of your work to share with prospective employers. The key to successful recruitment in creative & entertainment is being thoroughly versed on the products and brand of that organization. One way to do this is follow your favorite companies on social media and engage with them in that forum; many recruiters consider this information when making hiring decisions.

Who's your Creative & Entertainment Career Coach?

Grace Park -

Grace Park

Grace meets with students and alumni in the Creative & Entertainment and Technology & Entrepreneurship clusters and also supports the Silicon Valley Program.  She has worked in higher education in career services since 2007.  She has worked at UCLA, USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, Mount Saint Mary’s University and taught a freshmen summer career development course at UCSB.  She has worked with students ranging from freshmen to doctoral students in all majors from arts to science.  Her work history spans a wide spectrum of experiences including television post-production, radio and college/campus recruitment at Disney and Shire (biotech).  She received her BA in Film Studies from UCSB and her MSW from UC Berkeley and is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.