Find Employment on Campus

Campus jobs are a great way to develop valuable skills and experience, as well as to earn money during the semester. There are many opportunities provided by different departments and research institutes at CMC, with preference given to students who qualify for work-study.

Benefits of Employment on Campus

Working during the semester can be very beneficial to students. It allows you to gain practical skills and employment experience, learn from mentors and role models, develop future references, and earn income to help with your educational and living expenses.

Finding a Job

There are many opportunities for working both on and off campus. The CMC departments that hire the most students on campus include Roberts Pavilion, the Ath, Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Admissions, and many more. Students are often eligible to apply to jobs at the other 7C campuses as well. You can find these opportunities posted on Handshake when they become available (typically a few weeks prior to the start of each academic semester).

Work-Study Considerations

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally-funded financial aid work program offered to students who demonstrate financial need. If you are eligible for work-study jobs, it will be reflected in your financial aid award in the financial aid portal. Most campus employment is eligible for work-study and the Office of Financial Aid can help you navigate this process.

Student Resources

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