Current Research Assistants

Meet Our RAs

These Lowe Institute research assistants (RAs) serve as our economic journalists for the Lowe Down blog, producing original research on timely economic and public policy issues and publishing in-depth articles about their findings on our blog. Meet our 2022-2023 economic journalism team!

Economic Journalists

Economic Journalists
Ezra Adasiak POM '25

Economic Journalists
Katie Chen '23

Economic Journalists
Nicolas De Mello '23

Economic Journalists
Noah Hendelman '25

Economic Journalists
Kara Hagler '24

Junior Student Manager

Economic Journalists
Min Hyung Lee '22

Economic Journalists
Meghna Pamula '25

Economic Journalists
Aaryan Totawat '24

Economic Journalists
Anya Syed '23

Senior Student Manager

Economic Journalists not pictured: Joseph Zhong ’25, Sambhav Maheshwari ’25

Forecast Team

The Lowe Institute’s forecast team creates ongoing economic reports and an annual State of the Region forecast focused on the Inland Empire in Southern California. On the team, Lowe Institute student research assistants get to work under the guidance and supervision of Manfred Keil, Lowe Institute Associate Director and the chief economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP), to produce this important regional economic research and analysis. Meet the RAs on our forecast team!

Dean Ah Now
Dean Ah Now POM'25

Wally Bargeron
Walter Bargeron '25

Kylie Chen
Kylie Chen '23

Alina Hu
Alina Hu HMC '24

Junior Student Manager

Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang '25

Rina Nagashima
Rina Nagashima '24

Aaron Onate
Aaron Onate '24

Caden Rogers
Caden Rogers '25

Sasha Rothstein
Sara Rothstein HMC '24

Jatin Suri
Jatin Suri '23

Zach Torrey
Zach Torrey '23

Eddie Wei
Eddie Wei '25

Edward Wu
Edward Wu '23

Senior Student Manager

Forecast Team not pictured: Ian Freer ’23, Michael Hao ’23, Muxi Li’ 23, Adarsh Srinivasan ’24, Sophia Huang ’24, Kevin Li ’25, Rosy Chen HMC ’24, Rohan Ahammed ’23, Mihika DeSouza SCR ’24, Emelle Stottele ’23


RAs for Faculty

Viola Derbez Hernandez ’23, John Horan ’24, Byoung Joon Bae ’23, Tomoya Murakawa POM ’24

Social Media Co-Coordinators

Kara Cato ’23, David Mathias ’25

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