Explore my Career Options

College is the perfect time to explore all the career options available to you and Career Services offers a number of programs, events, and skills training to help you do this successfully.

Networking Treks

Networking Treks are 2-5-day experiential learning trips to industry centers across the country that take place during school breaks. Each trek is packed with visits to different organizations, typically hosted by a CMC alum, and many opportunities to network and socialize with alumni in that city and industry.

Job Shadowing:

A Job Shadow is an opportunity to gain an insider’s view into a role, an organization, or an industry. In a half- or full-day visit, you can observe typical on-the-job activities and participate in hands-on learning experiences at an alum’s or parent’s workplace.

Internships & Experiences

Internships and experiences are the best way to explore a specific job or career path first-hand. They are a great option for exploring your interests, values, and strengths before you commit to a post-graduate career. Best of all, CMC offers summer funding to help you take advantage of unpaid or low-paid internships.

Career Fairs, Industry Meet-Ups & Alumni Panels:

Career Fairs and Industry Meet-Ups are events that bring a cross-section of employers to campus to present their internship and full-time career opportunities. Alumni panels bring a small group of alumni back to campus to share their career experiences and advice with students. As a CMC student, you can take advantage of the many different events that scheduled across the 7C campuses throughout the year.

Employer Info Sessions

Information sessions with employers are a great way to learn more about a specific employer and gain useful insights into recruitment tactics at their organization or in their industry. If you plan to apply for an opportunity at some point with an employer, attending one of their info sessions is an excellent way to make a positive first impression.

Researching CMC Alumni on LinkedIn

CMC Alumni are working in every industry and every geography. They are an excellent source of information about career paths, career advice, and opportunities in their industry. LinkedIn is the preeminent professional social media platform and you will find over 12,000 CMC alumni on the site. This is a great opportunity to find alumni who are doing what you would like to do, discover the activities they did on campus, and research the professional roles they have held since graduation.

Informational Interviewing

Informational interviews are an informal conversation between you and an alum or another contact that can help you learn about an industry or organization. They are designed to help you gain valuable insider information and advice from someone with relevant expertise. You can also use informational interviews to learn about career paths, discover opportunities, and help you start building your professional network.

Student Resources

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