Secure a Job or Internship

There are many things to consider when trying to secure an internship or a job, such as creating high quality application materials, knowing where to look for the best opportunities, acing the interview, and managing the offer process.


Your resume is one of your key marketing tools when applying to internships and jobs. Recruiters typically spend less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume, so the information needs to be conveyed in a clear, well-organized style. Career Services offers resume templates and an AI-powered tool to help you improve your formatting, impact, and content. We also offer in-person resume reviews to ensure that your resume presents your skills and experience in the best possible light.

Cover Letters

The cover letter is a critical tool to demonstrate to recruiters how your skills and background make you a good match for the position to which you are applying. While the resume can be reused across multiple applications, the cover letter should be highly customized to each opportunity. Career Services offers in-person cover letter reviews to ensure your cover letter is having maximum impact.

Online Profiles

The two most important online profiles that you will use in your recruitment are Handshake and LinkedIn. Career Services offers coaching and workshops on how to complete both of these profiles to maximize your recruitment activities.


Handshake is an excellent source of internships and jobs aimed specifically at college students and recent graduates. It matches our students with employers who offer internships and jobs and makes it easy for you to apply. Career Services can coach you on how to find and apply to the right opportunities for you, as well as how to get useful communications via the platform, register for events, and access helpful resources.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is the preeminent social media platform for professional networking. It is also a great site for searching for jobs and internships, connecting with alumni who can be helpful in your recruitment, and reaching out to recruiters at employers.

Other Recommended Job Sites

Career Services tracks the best job sites to use when looking for general and niche opportunities. We can help connect you with the sites that provide the best matches for your interests.

On-Campus Recruiting

CMC and the other 7Cs have relationships with many employers who recruit either in person or virtually on our campuses. They typically offer information sessions, coffee chats, and attend our career fairs and meet-ups. Meeting with employers or attending their online events is an excellent opportunity to gain an advantage when recruiting for internships or jobs.

Screening Interviews

Screening interviews are typically brief meetings in which a recruiter, human resources manager, or the line manager assesses your skills and personality traits to help identify candidates who meet the needs of the role.

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews are used to assess whether the candidate has the experience and skills required to perform the role. Behavioral questions are used to determine if a person is the right fit for the job, team, and organization. Behavioral interviews are the most common type of interview and typically include a focus on a candidate’s past experiences. The best way to respond to behavioral questions is by using the STAR method.

STAR Method

The STAR method is a proven, structured format that helps keep your responses organized and comprehensive.

Case Interviews

Case interviews are used to assess the candidate’s problem-solving skills when faced with real business scenarios. They are designed to test the candidate’s analytical ability, problem-solving skills, and grace under pressure. Most case interview questions do not have one “right” answer so the interview seeks to assess the thought process that the candidate uses. Case interviews are typically encountered in consulting and some financial services interviews.

Technical Interviews

Technical interviews are a specialized, rigorous process used to verify the candidate’s coding or other technical skills and knowledge.

Recorded Interviews

Employers are increasingly relying on one-way recorded interviews to screen potential candidates. Career Services can offer valuable tips for acing this kind of interview to ensure that you leave the most positive first impression.

Mock Interview Practice

Career Services offers a number of products and services to help you practice your interviewing skills. InterviewStream is video interview software that allows you to practice and record your responses to a database of pre-recorded questions anytime and anywhere. We also offer in-person mock interviews conducted by staff and experienced students who can walk you through typical questions and give you immediate and customized feedback.

Reviewing the Offer

It is always smart to review a full-time offer holistically, including not just the salary/pay, but also benefits, bonuses, job title, start date, location, etc. Before negotiating any aspects of the offer, get some expert advice from the Career Services team.

Accepting the Offer

You should only accept the offer when you have finished reviewing and negotiating all aspects of the offer. Once accepted, you should stop all further recruitment and interviewing as you are now committed to joining this organization.

Rejecting the Offer

You may want to reject an offer and it is wise to do this with professionalism and grace. Career Services can coach you in how to communicate your decision in a way that allows you to stay in good standing with the employer.

Delaying the Decision

Some employers impose a decision deadline that does not fit with your recruitment timetable. If you need more time, we recommend that you inquire about the latest date by which the organization needs a decision. If this latest deadline is still too early for you to be able to respond, the Career Services team can help you figure out the best way to proceed.

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