2018 Excellence, Innovation, and Technology Summit

The 2018 summit will feature a number of outstanding CMC faculty members who will share their perspectives and experiences about Academic Advising, Technology Across the Liberal Arts, and Inclusive Teaching.

The first panel will address “Creating a Presence on Social Media.”This panel will discuss the pros and cons of building a presence on social media, and some reasons why faculty might want to do so. This panel will feature Shana Levin, Jack Pitney and Peter Hong.

In “Engaging Students through Social Media,”  our panelists will share some of the ways they use different platforms to connect with students and alumni, create community, and spark conversations. This panel will feature Lee Skinner, Jenny Taw and Ron Riggio.

The third and last panel concerns “Difficult Conversations in the Classroom in the Age of Social Media.” This panel will discuss strategies for guiding students to engage in potentially highly-charged academic discussions honestly and openly. The final panel will feature Lee Skinner, Stacey Doan and Amy Kind.

This year, the Summit will close with featured lunch speaker Jessica Tinkleberg, who will present on "Digital Distraction" insights, in an increasing world of technological use. Jessica will discuss technologies inside the classroom, from technologies like cellphone and tables to social media. Participants in this workshop will 1) learn about recent scholarship on digital distraction; 2) discuss the potential benefits and limitations of no-tech interventions to increase student engagement; and 3) workshop how to create more meaningful learning experiences for tech-savvy students.

A schedule of the summit and a program of the summit are available for download.