Religious Studies Faculty

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of the Religious Studies Department, Curriculum Committee

B.A. Drew University, M.Div. Princeton, Ph.D. Duke University


History of World Christianity - Examines the key figures, events and turning points in the history of the largest religion in the world. Poverty, Wealth and Social Change - Examines the greatest thinkers on the topic of poverty and wealth and contemporary implications. The European Reformations - Examines religious, political and social developments in late medieval to early modern Europe. Christianity and Politics in East Asia - Examines the historical relationship between religion and politics in China, Japan and Korea. Poverty, Religion and Social Change - Examines the role of religion in shaping social change around poverty and welfare issues.


History of World Christianity, Religion Conflict, Poverty and Wealth, Authority and Leadership, Renaissance and Reformation, Early Modern Poor Relief

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Arthur V. Stoughton Professor of Religious Studies and Co-Editor of The Columbia University Press Series in Religion and Politics

U.C. Santa Barbara (Ph.D), Dartmouth College (Fellow), Harvard University (Master's), Princeton Seminary (Master's)


American Religions; Religion & Politics; Religion & Civil Rights; Latino Religions; Religion & Film; Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements; Religion & Violence

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

B.A., Haverford College; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University


Jewish studies, particularly Judaism in the Second Temple and early rabbinic periods,Origins of Christianity and its development before the time of Constantine


Involvement of gentiles in Jewish social and religious life,Influence of Roman political thought on the development of early Christianity,Jewish/Christian relations

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Associate Professor of Religious Studies, former Chief Information Technology Services, Associate Professor at CGU School of Religion and Women's Studies, and CMC parent (P'16)

A.B., Grinnell College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa


Method and Theory in Religious Studies,South Asian Religions,Goddess Traditions,Models of Hindu Leadership


Gender and Religion, Modern Hindu Goddess Worship, History of Hinduism in America

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Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Computer Science/Data Science Committee, Faculty Advisor to SASA, the South Asian Student Association, Administration Committee

Bowdoin College, BA John Carroll University, MEd University of California, Santa Barbara, MA and PhD


South Asian Culture and Religion, Religion and Modernity, Digital Humanities


Religion and Material Culture India Digital Humanities, Archaeology, and the Production and Representation of Virtual Places Indo-Portuguese Contact

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Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

B.A., Haverford College; M.A. McGill University; Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara


"The End of the World as We Know it" (a comparative examination of apocalypticism); Islamic Thought; Islamic Empire and Political Philosophy; Dreams, Visions and the Afterlife in Islam; Contemporary Issues in Islamic Studies; Religion of Islam


Islamic apocalypticism and eschatology; Islamic intellectual history; Shiism; coffee and its reception history

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Visiting Faculty

Program Coordinator of the Center for Writing and Public Discourse and Lecturer, Religious Studies

B.A. Barnard College; M.A. and Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara; M.A. Boston University; M.F.A. Warren Wilson College


Religions of South Asia; Sikhism; Hinduism; Jainism; Buddhism; Islam in South Asia; Asian American Religions; Ramayana; Devotional Worlds of South Asia; Religious Autobiography; Poetry and Religion; Creative Writing


Religion and Literature in South Asia; Medieval North India; Devotional traditions; Rajasthan and Punjab; Autobiography and Hagiography; Asian American Religions; Poetry and Religion.

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Post-Doctoral Fellow of Religious Studies and Visiting Instructor of Religious Studies, African American Religions (2021-2023)

African American Religious History and Islam in the United States

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Islam Studies (2022-2023). Islamic philosophy and theology, with a particular focus on medieval Iberia and North Africa

Watling’s research has focused on the twelfth century Almohad Caliphate and its place within Islamic intellectual history

Emeritus Faculty

Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus

B.A., Whitworth University; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University


Philosophy of religion


Analytic Theology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Thought, History of Philosophy (ancient)

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