Apply to Be a History Steward

The History Department is looking to recruit History Stewards. Stewards will start immediately and are expected to work for at least one full academic year (though exceptions may apply for those who will be studying abroad).

Who is eligible?

  • First-year, sophomore or junior CMC history major (or intending to major in history) interested in helping the History Department grow
  • It would be a plus if you have great computer skills (e.g. able to create nice eye-catching fliers, craft pretty emails, and possess other related content creation skills)

What you will be doing?

  • You will be working closely with the Student Engagement Team to organize events to bond the history community as well as raise the profile of the Department
  • The Department will be shooting a Department video this year showcasing the history program at CMC. You will be expected to assist with the project management.
  • You will function as a liaison between History students and the History faculty. This includes but is not limited to monthly HISTORY informs.
  • Assist in the management of the Department’s social media presence (Facebook page and any social media platform that you will work with the Department to adopt)
  • Curate the Department’s CMC webpage. This includes the creation of new content as well as updating events and speakers.
  • When necessary, you will help complete administrative and miscellaneous tasks.


$10.50-11.00/hour starting pay with increases per semester 
Get to know ALL the history faculty
Launch your own events, projects, and initiatives
Hours are flexible, and you will largely manage your own schedule (aside from Department events which you will help put on and have to attend). The workload varies throughout the year.
Application Due (November 22, 2017 6pm)
Completing the application should take less than 10 minutes. You will then be scheduled for a face-to-face interview with the History Department Student Engagement team.