History Faculty

History Faculty

Professor of History

M.A., Ph.D. Princeton University (2006)


History of the Roman Republic and Empire; History of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages; Urban History in Ancient and Medieval Europe; Roman Social History; Historiography and Archaeology of Decline and Fall of Empires


Intersections of rhetorical representation and historical reality in Late Antiquity (4th-6th centuries); study of the end of the Roman Empire; cultural transformation from the Roman to the Carolingian empire; political and economic structures of the ancient world; Roman urban history and archaeology; institutional histories of the ancient and medieval military and bureaucracy; history of ancient education and the transmission of classicism; literary studies of historiography, ethnography and epistolography.

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Associate Professor of History

B.A., Harvard University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


Britain, 1500-1945; France, 1700-1945; Visual Culture; Women, Gender, and Sex Roles; Medicine and Science


My book, Birthing the Nation: Sex, Science, and the Conception of Britons (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005) will be released in paperback July 2008. The book has won the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Best First Book Prize for 2005; Phi Alpha Theta's Best First Book Prize for 2005; the Western Association of Women Historians Best Book of the Year for 2005; it was also been shortlisted by the Royal Historical Society for the Whitfield Prize in British History. For a detailed review: http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.cgi?path=149081197579919,I am currently working on a book-length project entitled "The Pursuit of Happiness: Female Independence in the Age of American Revolution."

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Associate Professor of History
University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D.; University of Texas at Austin, Masters of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies
Teaching: Islamic World, Urban and Architectural History, Middle East/Ottoman Empire, Comparative Early Modern Empires, Gender, Power, and Authority
Research: Structures of Power and Discourses of Authority; Intersection of Ethics and Politics; Comparative Systems of Governmentality; Archival Histories; Mediterranean Identities; Theories of Empire; Greater Syria and Lebanon under Ottoman Rule.
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Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., University of Michigan; B.A., Brown University
Teaching: United States history since 1945; politics; urban and suburban history; policy; race; capitalism; gender
Research: Public policy and social movements; liberalism; suburban politics; Massachusetts
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Otho M. Behr Professor of the History of Ideas
A.B., Stanford University, 1972; A.M., Stanford University, 1978; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1978. Study Abroad, St. Petersburg University and Moscow University.
Teaching: Modern Russian History, 1700 to Present; Russian and European Intellectual History, 1700 to Present; Islam and Islamic Political Movements
Research: Russian Intellectual History, 1700 to 1917; Russian Politics from Peter the Great to the Present; European Intellectual History since the Enlightenment; Modern Islam
Phone: (909) 607-9679
Associate Professor of History, History Department Chair

PhD (History) The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2010); BA, The University of Colorado, Boulder (2002)


Colonial and Early American History; History of Slavery; Atlantic World History; History of Racial Ideology; History of the Family; Caribbean History; Native American History


Slavery in the Colonial Americas; Free People of Color in the Atlantic World; Intersections Between Ideas of Race and Family in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries; Slavery and Aging in North America and the Caribbean

Phone: 909-607-0186
John K. Roth Professor of History and George R. Roberts Fellow
B.A. (1987) Hamilton College, Clinton NY Ph.D. (1999) American University, Washington DC
Teaching: Holocaust History, Genocide Studies, Women's History, Eastern Europe-Ukraine, War Crimes Trials, Nazism and Stalinism
Research: Holocaust History Human Rights History Genocide Studies
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Bank of America Associate Professor of Pacific Basin Studies

B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Chicago


Modern Korean History, 1875-Present; Colonialism and Korea: Power, Culture and Modernity; Japan in the World: Modern Japanese History; Japanese Empire; Civilizations of East Asia to 1800; Utopianism and Political Imagination in East Asia; Nature, Environment and the Human Imagination in Asia


Modern Korean and East Asian intellectual and social history; environmental history; relationship between economic structures and cultural and religious structures; questions and issues on modernity and globalization

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John V. Croul Professor of European History

B.A., University of California, Los Angeles (1983); A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University (1990)


German History, Art and politics, European social history, especially the history of the European aristocracy, The Holocaust


National Socialism, Art looting, European aristocracy, The Holocaust

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Associate Professor of History
Teaching: Latin America, Brazil, Cold War, U.S.-Latin American relations, gender and sexuality, popular culture and film studies, race and ethnicity, cultural history, the Amazon, human rights
Research: Modern Brazilian cultural and political history, popular culture and film, the Amazon, the Cold War, social movements, memory and oral history, regionalism and regional identities in Brazil related to poverty, religion, race and gender
Phone: (909) 607-1243
Kingsley Croul Associate Professor of History and George R. Roberts Fellow

B.A., Yale University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


Modern America; Great Depression and World War II; women and politics; gender and society; reform movements; families; schooling


Modern United States; social science; ethnicity and race; immigration; education; cultural exchange; America in the world

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Professor of History

B.A., Amherst College; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University


Nineteenth-Century United States History, American West, environment, race, ethnicity, and immigration


Social and political movements in California and the American West, with an emphasis on the intersection between race and environment; Gilded Age and Progressive Era political economy and culture

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Assistant Professor of History

B.A., University of British Columbia; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University


Chinese history, East Asian history, law and governance, comparative history, historiography


History of Ming China (1368-1644), bureaucracy, communication, archives, organizational theory

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Visiting Faculty

Visiting Assistant Professor in Latin American History

B.A., San Francisco State University (History, 2009); M.A., Tufts University (History, 2012); M.A. and Ph.D., University of California-Irvine (History, 2018)

Phone: 909-607-7128
Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.A., History, San Francisco State University

B.A., Music, University of California, Davis


19th-20th Century Middle East and North Africa
Empire and Colonialism
Global History
Race and Ethnicity
Music and Musicology

Visiting Assistant Professor in History

Empire, colonialism, and decolonization; histories of gender, labour and performance; working-class histories; politics and aesthetics.


Modern South Asia; philology; religious and linguistic nationalism; critical theory from the Global South

Phone: 909-607-9789

Emeritus Faculty

Roy P. Crocker Professor Emeritus of American History and Politics
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Stanford University
Teaching: American Constitutional History; Recent American Politics; Introductory U.S. History
Research: War, Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Constitution; the Constitutional History of Race in the United States
Phone: (909) 607-2931
Associate Professor
B.A., University of Michigan; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University
Phone: (909) 607-7985