2016 Excellence, Innovation, and Technology Summit

What makes for excellence in teaching? Dean Peter Uvin will lead a discussion with professors Eric Helland, Deanna Needell, and Jenny Taw to tease out some answers. They will talk about what has worked, and what hasn't, in their own teaching and discuss different techniques for enhancing student learning, including creative ways to spark student engagement, innovative class assignments that spur students to excel, and ways to create a dynamic and collaboration classroom environment.

Prof. Dan Michon, who will be directing the consortium's Mellon Digital Humanities Program starting in July 2016, will lead a session on the evolving field of digital humanities, his own research, and the current and future place of DH at CMC.

Later Prof. Cynthia Humes will lead a conversation with Prof. Cathy Reed and Prof. Piercarlo Valdesolo about how technology affects the way we teach in our specific disciplines. They will discuss tools used both inside and outside the classroom that have helped make teachers more effective.

Research suggests that the best teachers behave much like the very best leaders. In a late morning session, Dean Ron Riggio will elaborate on that premise and lead a discussion about how successful teachers engage in transformational leadership behaviors.

During lunch, Dean Uvin will lead a discussion about how computer science should be taught at CMC.

schedule of the summit and program of the summit are available for download.