2015 Excellence, Innovation, and Technology Summit

What makes for excellence in teaching? A number of outstanding CMC faculty members will share their perspectives and experience about what has worked, and what hasn't, in their own teaching. Panelists will come from a wide range of disciplines, and will address various topics relevant to teaching, e.g., class format (lecture, discussion, the flipped classroom), the integration of technology in teaching, grading practices, syllabi, etc. We look forward as well to having a dialogue with our colleagues in attendance on these and other teaching-related matters.

A second panel will discuss different techniques for enhancing student learning, including creative ways to spark student engagement, innovative class assignments that spur students to excel, ways to create a dynamic and collaboration classroom environment, and effective evaluation strategies that take into account non-traditional instructional methodologies.

Lastly, a third panel will pose the following questions, among others: How does technology affect the way we teach in our specific disciplines? What are some of the trends in various fields, and what tools used both inside and outside the classroom have helped make our teaching more effective? Join us as we welcome a panel to discuss how technology has changed the practice of teaching at CMC. A schedule of the summit and a program of the summit are available for download.