Vehicle and Driver Authorizations

This program is applicable to all Claremont McKenna College (hereinafter referred to as CMC) employees and authorized students whose duties require them to operate or maintain powered industrial trucks including, but not limited to golf carts, whether powered by electrical motors or internal combustion engines. General rules are in Exhibit A, attached to this document. All electric cart users must obtain authorization to drive prior to driving the electric cart or attending electric cart safety training. Contact the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Manager to obtain driver authorization at 909-607-3187. Driver Authorization Application forms may be obtained here.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Assuring that all electric cart/industrial truck users follow all policies and procedures relating to the use of this equipment.
  • Ensuring electric cart/industrial truck operators receive proper safety and use training, including hands-on operating procedures.
  • Allowing only employees who are insured by the College to operate an electric cart and/or industrial truck.
  • Maintaining all required documentation including training documentation and pre-operational checklists.
  • Ensuring vehicles receive proper maintenance and inspections.

Safety Requirements/Operator Responsibilities

  • Electric cart/industrial truck users must have authorization and training before using an electric cart/industrial truck.
  • Pre-operational checks and routine maintenance must be performed before operating an electric cart/industrial truck.
  • Electric cart/industrial truck operators are responsible for following all policies and procedures relating to industrial truck use.
  • Electric cart/industrial truck operators are responsible for following all safe-driving standards when operating an industrial truck.
  • Electric carts/industrial trucks will not be driven if there is any concern about safety or any mechanical problems.
  • Electric cart/industrial truck operators are responsible for reporting all incidents and unsafe conditions immediately to their supervisor.

Safety Checks

  • Each electric cart and/or industrial truck shall be visually inspected before initial use at least once per shift.
  • Pre-operational safety checks and routine maintenance should be performed on all electric carts and industrial trucks operated on campus.
  • Each department operating the electric cart/industrial truck should maintain records of all inspections.
  • Do not drive a vehicle if it is deemed unsafe. Cart operators shall report these conditions to their supervisor immediately and until repairs have been made, avoid operating the vehicle.

Exhibit A

Rules for Driving Electric Carts/Industrial Trucks

  • In the case of an emergency, contact your supervisor and call Campus Safety if necessary.
  • All federal and state laws apply to electric cart usage. This includes using hands free communication devices, wearing seatbelts and using turn signals.
  • Drive slowly and carefully whenever driving on campus; never drive faster than the posted speed limit.
  • Negotiate the entries to campus carefully and look for the orange reflectors on the bollards for safe entry points.
  • Follow the assigned cart paths-see map.
  • No one shall ride in the back bed of an electric cart. Each person shall have an individual seat.
  • Under no circumstances should rides be offered to students or guests.
  • Keep legs and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
  • The cart should not be left parked blocking the entrance to a building, obstructing foot traffic on a sidewalk, or blocking gates enclosing trash and recycle bins.
  • Avoid driving on fields and green areas unless authorized.
  • Always take the cart keys with you when leaving the cart unattended.
  • While driving on the sidewalk watch running onto the edges of the grass where the sprinkler heads are located. The weight of the cart easily breaks them.
  • When removing the cart from its storage location be sure to secure the storage area gate or doors after you move out the cart.
  • When returning the cart plug it in and secure the storage area.
  • As noted in the Electric Cart/Industrial Truck Policy, the driver should make a visual inspection of the cart before driving it.
  • Electric carts are NOT allowed in the following areas on campus:
    • No parking in Bauer breezeway
    • No driving in Adams breezeway or on the south sidewalk
    • No driving in the North Mall
    • Do to unsafe the surface for vehicles, no vehicles are allowed on the raised pavers within the Kravis Courtyard.
  • Supervisors must ensure that all new employees are properly trained on each electric cart they will operate. Contact Cherise Haase in Story House for applications and assistance with Cart Safety Training.
  • Any accident must be immediately reported to their supervisor. At that time, the cart and the building or object struck must be inspected for damage; report all damages to your supervisor and Human Resources immediately.
  • Electric carts are provided for use during an employee’s regular work hours. No employee is authorized to use said carts outside their normal workday.
  • When visiting Story House or Collins, park carts along the south side of Story House, beside the tall bushes.
  • Never leave a cart unattended at a loading dock unless it is actively being loaded/unloaded nor in a fire lane unless it is a designated emergency vehicle.

Updated September 16, 2019