Bookstore Purchases

Students will need to bring money for textbooks (separate from tuition, room, and board) in the form of cash, traveler's checks, VISA, MasterCard, check, or money order payable to Huntley Bookstore.

Book Purchase Authorization Forms are available in the Student Accounts Office located in Kravis, Lower Court 50. Book Purchase Authorization Forms are billed to the student’s account approximately one month after the book purchase.

This Book Purchase Authorization Form is authorized solely for the purchase of textbooks and academic supplies. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, computer hardware and peripherals, apparel, dishware, food and beverages.

The student is responsible to pay the Office of Student Accounts the balance due on their student account. Returned books will result in a credit being applied to your account and no money will be given to you. A portion or the entire advance may be offset by financial aid when disbursed, but any remaining balance will be the responsibility of the student to pay. Should the student’s financial aid award change, the student is responsible to pay any resulting student account balance.

Most full-time students will spend an average of $600-$700 per semester on textbooks.