Maintenance FAQs

How do I report a problem?
You can report problems with your rooms, bathrooms and lounges, as well as electrical and lighting issues, by submitting a work order or by logging on to the Internet from any computer and filling out a work order. Please try to give as much detail as possible to assist our maintenance personnel when responding to your request.

I put in a maintenance request on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday and no one has been here to make the repair. What's going on?
The requests are monitored and assigned regularly throughout the day. If the repair is considered an emergency, the problem should be resolved the same day. All other maintenance items are prioritized and assigned accordingly. If, at any time, you feel that your request has been overlooked, call or come by the main office.

My electricity keeps going off! What's wrong?
The electrical outlets in your residence hall rooms can be easily overloaded by plugging in too many appliances. Using a power strip to combine the plugs does not reduce the load.

How do I operate my blinds?
If you live in one of the newly renovated North Quad buildings you have the One Touch wand control system. To rotate the louvers, rotate the wand in the direction you want the louvers to rotate. To open or close the louvers, first rotate the louvers open. Then, push or pull the wand to open (stack louvers) or close (unstack louvers) the blind.

If you live in one of the residence halls other than the North Quad you have the cord-chain blinds. To rotate the louvers, pull the chain on either side so that the louvers rotate in the direction you want. To open or close the louvers, first rotate the louvers open. Then, pull the cord to open (stack louvers) or close (unstack louvers) the blind.

How do I use the new laundry rooms in the North Quad?
The North Quad laundry room machines are activated by your CMC student ID card, which eliminates your need for coins. Details and instruction on the new laundry system are available online.

What residence halls have fire sprinklers?
There are fire sprinklers throughout Benson, Marks, Fawcett, Appleby, Boswell, Green and Wohlford Halls. This was a voluntary installation made by CMC in order to make your living space a safer place. In addition to these buildings, there are also fire sprinklers in Auen, Stark and various student apartments.

The addition of these sprinklers brings additional responsibilities for you. Please refrain from hanging anything from the sprinkler heads. This includes but is not limited to banners, flags, clothes and hammocks. If the sprinklers are tampered with this may activate them and your room will be flooded.

Tampering with the fire sprinklers is a fire code violation. Any and all damages associated with the sprinkler heads will result in vandalism charges to the student including the replacement of sprinkler heads, any water damage due to flooding and the fire department response. Keep in mind that flooding may not be limited to your room and you could be responsible for damages to numerous rooms. Your assistance in maintaining the fire sprinkler systems is appreciated.

What gets billed to me as vandalism?
Any damages in your residence hall that are not attributable to normal wear and tear.

I don't think my walkthrough charges are legitimate. What can I do?
Take your walkthrough bill to the Dean of Students office at Heggblade and ask to appeal the charge or charges, Dean of Students will reach out to us about photos and descriptions and they will review the appeal and set up any appointments through them. At that point you can set up an appointment with us to view the walkthrough video of your room or residence hall if you feel it is necessary.