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We are standardizing all residence halls with brand new units (except the CMC Apartments, which have all new appliances installed last year). Each dorm room will be provided with one full MicroFridge unit, free of charge!

MicroFridge is a combination appliance which includes a refrigerator and a freezer with a connected microwave on top. They are designed as a combination unit to greatly reduce the chance of overloading a circuit. .

Beginning this school year, CMC has a policy for all on-campus housing, not allowing residents to bring personal refrigerators or microwaves. Instead, they will be supplied as part of the room furnishing. An added benefit will eliminate the need for you to purchase, transport, and store these items each school year.

This program will help with safety, sustainability, waste, standardization, and equality for all students. It has no exposed heating elements, designed to reduce energy consumption and has two USB ports and one charging station included. The Dimensions of the unit are 44.75”H X 18.5”W X 19.5”D.