PayFlex Flexible Spending Account Claim Form – English (PDF)

PayFlex Flexible Spending Account Claim Form – Spanish (PDF)

Tuition Remission Scholarship Plan for Dependent Children of CMC Employees (PDF)

Policy on Tuition Remission Scholarship Plan


Staff Recruitment Requisition Form (PDF)

Staff Recruitment Requisition Instructions (PDF)

Summer Employee Request Form - 2023

Temporary Part-time or Full-time CMC Employee - Request to Hire Form

Temporary Staffing Agency Employee - Request to Hire Form (PDF)

Volunteer Registration Form and Condition of Services (PDF)

Leaves of Absence

Parental Leave Policy Form - Faculty (PDF)

Staff Parental Leave Policy Form (PDF)


Direct Deposit Form (PDF)

Student Payroll Requirements (PDF)

Safety and Worker’s Compensation

What to do in the event of an accident - Employee (PDF)

Supervisor Responsibility in the Event of an Accident (PDF)

Accident Report - Employee (PDF)

Accident Report - Supervisor (PDF)

Forms & Information

Medical Provider Network (MPN) (PDF)

Notificación de la red de proveedores médicos (MPN) (PDF)

Procedures for Completion of Worker’s Compensation Claims Paperwork (PDF)

Worker’s Compensation Packet and Claim Form (DWC-1) (PDF)

Work Environment

Cell Phone/Internet Service Allowance Authorization (PDF)

Request for Reimbursement – Incidental Cell Phone Usage (Excel)

Authorized Driver Policy

Driver Authorization Form (PDF)

Insurance Card (PDF)

Cart Paths (PDF)

Special Payment Authorization (PDF)

Cell Phone Usage Guidelines for Non-Exempt Employee Acknowledgement Form Agreement (PDF)