Electronic Door Locks


Electronic door lock with PIN code

The electronic locks on our residence hall doors operate very much like that of a card lock on a hotel room. Your current CMC student ID card will serve as your meal card and residence hall exterior access as well as your room key in non-key dorms.

Your safety is a priority at Claremont McKenna College. These locks are one more way we can increase security. The locks have the ability to not only tell you who entered your room, but who attempted to and why they were denied. Note that your lock is programmed to remain in the locked position 24/7 and it will re-lock after every entry.

To enter your room:

Insert and remove your card (picture side up and facing you). You will see a red and green light.
Enter your four-digit pin code.
Once you hear the lock disengage, press down on the lever.
Your door will automatically re-lock after entry.

The lock uses the red and green lights to communicate with the users as follows:

Green - Valid card
Red - Invalid card
Red after 6 seconds - Cannot read card
Red and green alternating - Card is valid but does not override dead bolt or is subject to expiration date or time table restrictions.
Blinking green - Lock has been set in the unlocked mode
Solid green and blinking red - Low batteries. We have regular maintenance scheduled for the locks and this should not occur. In the event that this does occur please contact Story House immediately at x18112.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lock shows a red light, what does that mean?
You do not have access to that particular room. If you think this is an error, come to Story House and we will troubleshoot the problem.

I insert my card but there are no lights, what do I do?
Most likely your card was inserted incorrectly. The back of your card has an arrow on it indicating which side goes first. That side should be facing away from you (photo side towards you) with the arrow pointing down.

What doors do I have access to?
Student cards will operate the entry door to your assigned room if you live in Appleby, Auen, Boswell, Claremont, Fawcett, Green or Wohlford, and the laundry rooms in those locations. It will also open exterior entry doors of Poppa, Ryal and Stark computer labs. In addition, your CMC student ID card operates all residence hall exterior card reader doors. Faculty and staff have key card access determined by departmental needs.

My card appears to be damaged and won't work in the lock. What do I do?
You can bring your card to Story House to be tested. Ultimately you may need to get a replacement card.

What is my PIN code?
New cards may be assigned a random number for the PIN code. If you would like it changed, please visit the Story House front desk.

How do I set the dead bolt so no one can come in?
With the door closed, from the inside, pull up on the handle. This will set the dead bolt. Only authorized users can override this feature.