2017 Other Publications

Chodosh, Hiram E., Matthew Bibbens, Nyree Gray, and Dianna Graves. "Safety and Freedom: Let's Get It Together." Journal of Legal Education, vol. 66, issue 4, 2017, pp. 702-716.

Abstract: In this essay, adapted from President Chodosh's keynote address at an October 2016 Journal of Legal Education conference on sexual assault and academic freedom at Georgetown University, the authors explore the interdependent relationship between safety and freedom, frame and answer pressing questions in the adjudication of sexual assault, make critical observations in search of the empirics and causal factors, and outline a series of steps to improve the effectiveness of institutional approaches to sexual assault.

Filson, Darren, and Michelle Chamberlain. “Where are All the Innovators Hiding?” Talent Quarterly: The New Thinking Issue, issue 16, 2017, pp. 40-47.

Abstract: The article addresses three main questions: How does a liberal arts education help prepare someone to contribute to innovative organizations? Should recruiters seeking to enhance the innovative capabilities of their company consider candidates' exposure to the liberal arts among the characteristics they evaluate? And how might liberal arts backgrounds complement the other backgrounds in the organization?

Chodosh, Hiram E. "Depolarizing Legal Conflict." Maadhyam: Council for Mediation and Conflict Resolution Newsletter, January 2017, pp. 12-16.

Abstract: Conflict both reflects and shapes the human condition. It is an indispensable, frequently helpful, creative social process and also destructive-costly emotionally, economically, and politically. How do we exploit the creative powers of conflict and then depolarize it to reduce its most deleterious consequences? In this keynote essay for Maahdyam, a new Indian NGO dedicated to the resolution of conflict, President Chodosh advances answers to these questions. Drawing on his most recent book, The Uniform Civil Code of India: Blueprint for Scholarly Discourse (Oxford University Press, 2016) (with Shimon Shetreet), he makes critical observations about the nature of conflict, sweeping global trends in law and policy, and profound rule of law challenges. He then advances three promising strategies-the application of legal federalism or subsidiarity; the principle of comparative harm; and the process of mediation to get the best and avoid the worst from conflict.

Knolton, Cristina C., and H. Nyree Gray. Win or Go Home: A Guide to Negotiation Success in Competition and in Life. Carolina Academic Press, 2017.

Abstract: Win or Go Home is a guide to competitive negotiation and a resource for improving negotiation skill and strategy. The book is designed to provide highly technical concepts and theories in an easy to digest manner. The negotiation process is broken down into distinct chapters in order to allow the reader to consume the book cover to cover or to pick out the pieces that they need for immediate access. Each chapter also has self-assessment quizzes to highlight the core concepts of each chapter.