Non-Degree Programs

In addition to the Robert Day School’s degree options, RDS also offers a variety of non-degree programs, some of which are available to students from any of the undergraduate Claremont Colleges. These programs have been created to give students a unique experience in which they become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to navigate complex issues while serving as organizational leaders upon graduation.  

In an effort to provide CMC students with opportunities to develop as leaders in a global society, the Robert Day School has partnered with the Center for Global Education to offer off-campus programs.

Silicon Valley Program

The successes of companies like Google, Apple, and eBay are as much about entrepreneurship as they are about technology, and individuals with a liberal arts education help to drive such innovation in this global hotspot. The Silicon Valley Program, which was inspired by the expansive network of CMC alumni who have found success in the world of high-tech business, includes a full-time internship, two academic seminar courses, an independent research project, and networking in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Companies such as Google, eBay, Atlassian, Intuit, PayPal, Box, Bloom Energy, and many others have expressed interest in hosting internships. During the semester-long program, students will meet the people who power the financial strategies, marketing, and product development behind the companies; and participants will make the connections critical for success in the fast-paced world of hi-tech entrepreneurship. To learn more, please visit the Silicon Valley Program web pages. 

CMC-Yonsei Summer Program

Robert Day School Professor Manfred Keil leads a six-week summer program for CMC students that is held at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. The program, which is co-taught by a Yonsei professor and includes Yonsei students, enables CMC students to explore the business and finance world while meeting distinguished business leaders in Korea and Hong Kong. CMC students live with Yonsei students in the Yonsei Global house and the students participate on a project-based internship while completing 1.5 CMC course credits. In addition to a four-day trip to Hong Kong, CMC students experience the Korean culture through academics, meals, and local excursions.