CMCAA Board of Directors

Board President

Antoine Grant '07

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Alumni Trustees

Eric Fujimoto '92 P'24

Stella Ho '97

Jennifer Lew '94 P'25

Director Responsibilities

We understand that the effort put forth by volunteers on behalf of Claremont McKenna College and fellow alumni is just that: voluntary. With this in mind we look for at least the following qualities in our Board members:

  • Respect and understand the Association's policies, purpose, and goals.
  • Learn about and further the relationship of Claremont McKenna College and fellow alumni.
  • Participate in Board meetings and serve on Board committees.
  • Serve in leadership positions to undertake special assignments.
  • Suggest possible nominees to the Board who are men and women of achievement and distinction.
  • Give an annual gift according to personal means and help obtain support from others.
  • In general, make final decisions on important matters of general policy.

Term of Directors

Generally, a director is elected to serve a three-year term. There is no limit on the number of terms a director may serve, either by rule or by custom.

Types of Directors

In addition to regular directors (elected), there are four other classifications of directors, as follows:

  • Appointed Directors: May represent important groups or have backgrounds not currently accounted for on the Board. Appointed directors serve a one-year term.
  • Alumni Trustees: Nominated by the Alumni Association to serve a three-year term on the College's Board of Trustees.
    Alumni Director: Employed by the College and serves as the alumni professional to and assistant secretary for the CMCAA.
  • Ex-Officio Directors: Represent important groups affiliated with the College including the Senior Class President of the College and the immediate Past President of the Corporation. All Ex-officio directors serve for a one-year term.

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