Phillips Hall

View of typical interior set up in Mid Quad rooms.

Information about bed heights and furnishings

Year constructed: 1957

Total square footage: 13,286

Renovated: 2013

Air-conditioning? Yes

Laundry facilities: 1st and 2nd floors

Lounge: 1st and 2nd floors

Single rooms: 32

Double rooms: 16

Triple rooms: 1

Total residents: 67

Elevator? No

Single room size: 7' 3" x 11' 4"

Double room size: 15' 2" x 10' 1"

Triple room size: 20’ 4” x 12’ 16”

Beckett,  Phillips,  Berger, Claremont, Benson are not suggested to have a bed higher than level 3.5 because the ceiling is 8’ tall and two sides of the room have HVAC Valance unit covers that come down approximately 11” which somewhat crowd half of the width of a tall bed below it.
Please see photos below, the 3 beds are at top height currently.

Bed heights