Robert Day Scholars Program

Jessica Fox
"Not only did the variety of finance courses that I completed as a Robert Day Scholar give me an edge over other new hires when starting my consulting career, the multi-disciplinary focus of additional required courses also gave me a deeper respect and understanding of the less glamorous and more subtle forces that drive the business world."
—Jessica Fox, CMC'09

The Robert Day Scholars Program prepares highly motivated students for leadership roles in a variety of industries, including financial services, consulting, and not-for-profit organizations. By completing coursework that provides students with the fundamental skills necessary to navigate complex organizations, Robert Day Scholars graduate with the foundation necessary to excel at the start of their careers.

Since the first class of graduates in 2009, the Robert Day Scholars Program has provided selected Claremont College students with academic and professional development programming designed to support future success in leadership positions across disciplines and industries.  Extensive co-curricular programming reinforces academic requirements and access to experiential funding (approximately $7,000 for approved experiences) accompanies selection. 

Curriculum:  This highly respected Program is actually a set of programs offering varying levels of curricular depth in finance, accounting and organizational behavior/leadership.  Curricular options are as follows:

BA Scholars: This program requires one year each of finance, accounting and organizational behavior/leadership coursework. The finance curricular requirements are satisfied with completion of ECON 134: Corporate Finance (and prerequisites) and the accounting requirements are satisfied with completion of ECON 86 and ECON 150 courses.  Note that very recent changes to the Silicon Valley Program (SVP) now recognizes two of the SVP courses as satisfying both of the leadership course requirements of the Robert Day Scholars program.  All courses double-count toward degree requirements;  

BA/MA Scholars: This accelerated option enables completion of the Master’s Program in Finance (MA) concurrently with earning one’s undergraduate degree at CMC.  This program requires a total of 36 credits and completion of an approved summer internship; and

MA Scholars: This stand-alone program allows students at the Claremont Colleges and select partnering institutions to complete a Master's degree in finance in one year. 

Scholars are expected to maintain academic excellence after selection.  The CMC catalog details the academic standards required for success in each program.

Robert Day Scholars are also provided with, and actively participate in, a rich program of personal and professional development activities. These activities - including guest speakers, networking trips, and workshops - are designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of a strong ethical foundation in decision-making settings and to broaden their leadership skill sets in areas such as communications and critical thinking.

Prospective Students: 

Selection:  Selection to each of the Robert Day Scholars Programs is highly competitive and is based on demonstrated academic excellence and leadership potential.  The application deadlines and number of students selected in each class have varied slightly, as have requirements for assessment exercises and/or interviews as part of the selection process. 

The application includes requirements for a resume, unofficial transcript, cover letter and identification of three references (in-class, on-campus and off-campus).  While references should be asked prior for their support, no letters of recommendation are to be requested or submitted with the application. CMC students must indicate whether they are applying to the BA or BAMA program.

Selection is weighted equally between academic performance and demonstrated leadership potential.

Claremont College students in the Class of 2020 were invited to information sessions on September 19 & 20, 2017 and to complete applications in Handshake (Jobs) prior to the noon, October 13 deadline.  Interviews were held on Sunday, October 29.  Selection will be completed and announced after fall grades are final. but before the start of spring classes. 

Please communicate any questions to Kevin Arnold at or x73347.

Current Robert Day Scholars


Robert Day Scholars in the BA program who have questions concerning satisfying the curricular requirements of the program should direct them to the Faculty Chair of the Robert Day School, Professor Eric Hughson: .

Robert Day Scholars in the BAMA or MA program should direct curricular questions to the Graduate Programs Director, Professor Darren Filson:   

Leadership, Personal & Professional Development:

FIN 301A (fall) and B (spring) are required 1/4 credit, co-curricular classes built on workshops and class sessions dedicated to your development as an individual, member of a team and society, and as a future leader.  The FIN 301 courses are transitioning as requirements from senior to junior year.  Scholars studying off-campus will complete the relevant course during senior year.

As a Robert Day Scholar, you have access to $7000 of experiential funding and can use up to $3500 annually to support your personal and professional development off-campus.

Experiential learning is the epitome of CMC’s ethos to “learn to do and do to learn.” We want you to be creative with this opportunity to push your boundaries, expand your comfort zone, and challenge yourself in any number of ways. With that in mind, the nature of any worthwhile experiential learning should have a logical connection to your personal and professional development goals.

Please click HERE for additional information about accessing your RDS Experiential Funding. 

Questions should be directed to Beth Walkenbach:

Career Development:

Questions concerning ongoing career development should be directed to Beth Milev:


Robert Day Scholars and alumni

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