Degree Programs

Economics Major

The economics curriculum is designed to serve a variety of student educational objectives. Emphasis is placed on understanding economic behavior and institutions and the development of specific analytical skills. An economics major is especially appropriate for students interested in careers within business, accounting, law, government or teaching.

Students majoring in economics take a combination of courses suited to their particular interests. Major requirements are flexible and, with department approval, can be modified to fit the program interests of individual students. Liberal provisions are made for the individual student, either as a major or as a non-major, to choose electives from an extensive list of special-interest courses. To learn more about the requirements for the economics major, please visit the CMC catalog.

Economics-Accounting Major

The Accounting Program at Claremont McKenna College offers a unique opportunity to learn accounting within a liberal arts setting. Economics/Accounting is a separate major within the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, offering the breadth of courses necessary to prepare students with the technical skills to sit for the CPA exam. Our commitment to broad educational goals and our special relationship with the economics and finance faculties at CMC, provide opportunities for our students to succeed not only in accounting but in a variety of professions including consulting and financial advisory services.

The Accounting Program requires courses in both economics and accounting. In addition, our program emphasizes analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. In keeping with the broader aims of a liberal arts education, our students are encouraged to combine study in Economics/Accounting with other areas of study for a dual or double major. To learn more about the requirements for the economics-accounting major, please visit the CMC catalog.