Claremont McKenna College Investment Competition

Sponsored by the FEI 

Registration for this competition is during April 13 - May 20, 2023

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About this competition:

The Claremont McKenna College Investment Competition is a free online investment simulation targeted towards college aged individuals with limited financial knowledge who are looking to gain real experience trading in the stock market. The prize pool of this competition totals $5,000 USD. This competition will take place over five months and evaluate individual trading decisions and portfolios in order to determine winners.


Why join this competition?

  • Get real world experience trading stocks
  • You learn finance skills that will last a lifetime
  • You can participate in an academic study and further humanity’s knowledge
  • It's free


Competition Dates

April 13: Registration Opens 
May 20: Registration Closes
June 1: Competition Starts
November 1: Competition Ends
November 30: Winners of prizes will be announced
December 15: Winners have to claim their prizes by contacting Ben Gillen, or the prize will be given to the runner-up


Prize Structure:

$5000 in total prizes:

  • $500 for the participant with the highest portfolio value at the end of the contest
  • $500 for the participant with the highest Sharpe Ratio at the end of the contest
  • $250 for the participant with the second highest portfolio value at the end of the contest
  • $250 for the participant with the second highest Sharpe Ratio at the end of the contest
  • Bi-Weekly prizes of $100 for the participant with the highest portfolio return and $50 for the participant with the second highest portfolio return
  • 100 randomly selected participants will receive $20 participation awards


Contest Rules:

  1. Participants of this competition has to be between the ages of 18-25 without full-time professional experience finance in order to be eligible to win the prizes.
  2. Each individual can only register once for the contest.
  3. Cheating is strictly prohibited. Any suspicion of cheating will be reviewed and could lead to the suspension of their trading account as well as remove their eligibility for winning prizes.
  4. Coordinating trades between participants is strictly prohibited.
  5. The use of margins and options trading is prohibited.
  6. Participants must register for an account on the Wall Street Survivor Stock Market Simulator, which will be administering the contest.
  7. Participants are required to provide regular updates on their portfolio performance and complete an exit survey at the end of the contest.

Why join this competition?
The competition starts on June 1st, 2023.

Who is eligible to participate?
You must be a college aged student (between the ages of 18-25) with limited financial knowledge in order to participate.

How much does it cost to join the competition?
It's free!

How does someone join the competition?
Submit the intake form and check your email for further directions. The email will be from

Who should complete the registration form?
Each individual should complete a registration form.

Is this a team or individual competition?
It is an individual competition.

How will trades be conducted?
Trades will be conducted on Wall Street Survivor.

How much virtual cash do I get on the investment simulator?
You will start with $100,000 USD.

Does the investment simulator have an analytics feature?

How are winners chosen?
There are several different winners for this competition.

The individual with the largest portfolio,

The individual with the hottest streak,

The most active individual,

The individual with the best SHARPE ratio, etc.

What stocks can we trade on?
Any stock on the US stock market.

Contact Us:
Please send an email to Please allow us 2-3 business days to reply. 

Competition organizers hold no liability for any losses incurred by participants as a result of participation in the competition.