Discover the Robert Day School

The Robert Day School (RDS) was established in 2007 in recognition of a gift from alumnus Robert Day '65, founder of Trust Company of the West and former Chair of CMC's Board of Trustees to start the Robert Day Scholars Program. The School builds on the intellectual foundation of a top-ranked liberal arts college that has as its motto:

Crescit cvm commercio civitas.
"Civilization prospers with commerce."

The RDS emphasizes coursework that blends theory and practice. The undergraduate programs offer majors in Economics and Economics-Accounting (totaling 360 majors in recent years), and a sequence in Financial Economics. The School is also home to a specialized full-time Master's Program in Finance.

The School's faculty has over 30 full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members in residence. Faculty offer courses in the primary fields of economics. In contrast to any other liberal arts college, the offerings include a broad spectrum of core and elective courses in finance and accounting. Students have many opportunities to conduct research with faculty through the Research Institutes.

RDS faculty members take pride in excellent teaching and in encouraging student-faculty interactions, both in and out of the classroom. The courses develop the individual student's analytical, quantitative, and communication skills—all of which are critical to the cultivation of leadership skills.

Located in Claremont, California, CMC is one of seven colleges in the Claremont Consortium. Each college has its own administration, curriculum, and admission process, but allows cross-registration in classes. Together the colleges offer numerous activities for all consortium students and for the community. The colleges are within walking distance to the Claremont Village, a close-knit community that features restaurants, shops, theaters, and cultural attractions.

As you can see, the Robert Day School is multi-faceted and we encourage you to visit the many pages in the website to learn more about the School—our faculty, students, alumni, programs, workshops, and co-curricular activities. The individuals who make up the RDS create a vibrant, dynamic environment that is unmatched among liberal arts colleges.