Lowe Institute Working Papers Archive



David Bjerk
"A Theory of Socially Optimal Plea Bargaining"

Darren Filson
"The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Allocation of Air Passenger Traffic in the United States"

Jeffrey Flory
"Do Diversity Messages in Recruiting Work? A Field Experiment at a Fortune 500 Company"

Manfred Keil
"The Effect of Air BnB on Hotel Industry in Coachella Valley"

Serkan Ozbeklik
"Diversity and Team Production: Evidence from Teaching Using a Large Scale Randomized Experiment"

Angela Vossmeyer
"Systemic Risk and the Great Depression" with Sanjiv Das and Kris Mitchener, NBER Working Paper No. 25405. AWARD: Winner of the WFA’s Award for the Best Paper on Financial Institutions (Sponsored by Elsevier, Western Finance Association, 2019).  (Download pdf)



David Bjerk
"Using a Ratio Test to Estimate Racial Differences in Wrongful Conviction Rates" (Download pdf)

Mary Evans
"Mary F. Evans & Laura O. Taylor, 2020. “Using Revealed Preference Methods to Estimate the Value of Reduced Mortality Risk: Best Practice Recommendations for the Hedonic Wage Model,” Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 14(2), pages 282-301."

Jeffrey Flory
"Recruiting for Workplace Diversity: A Field Experiment at a Major Finance Company"

William Lincoln
"Exporting and Firm Stock Market Value with Yoonseuk Lee"

Serkan Ozbeklik
"Compulsory Schooling Laws, Education, and Adult Criminal Convictions: Evidence from Administrative Micro-Data"

Yaron Raviv
"Stochastically Equivalent Sequential Auctions: A Generalization"

Cameron Shelton
"Toward an Empirically Correct Model of State Redistricting"

Janet Kiholm Smith
"Debt Financing Structures in Venture Finance"

Angela Vossmeyer
"Liquidity from Two Lending Facilities"

Angela Vossmeyer with Sryia Anbil
"Liquidity from two lending facilities" Journal of Financial Intermediation. forthcoming; 100884, ISSN 1042-9573. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1042957320300383

Burdekin, Richard C. K. and Hughson, Eric N. and Weidenmier, Marc D. and Gu, Jinlin
"A First Look at BREXIT and Global Equity Markets" (July 17, 2016). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2810879  



Heather Antecol
Do Non-Cognitive Skills Help Explain the Occupational Segregation of Young People?
 (Download pdf)

Manfred Keil and J.S.V. Symons
"The Housing Market and the U.S. Business Cycle" (Download pdf)

Heather Antecol and Janet Kiholm Smith
"The Early Decision Option in College Admission and its Impact on Student Diversity" (Download pdf)

Yaron Raviv and Nathan Barrymore '09
"The Effect of Different Reserve Prices on Auction Outcomes" (Download pdf)

Heather Antecol and Michael Steinberger
​​​​​​"​Female Labor Supply Differences by Sexual Orientation: A Semi-Parametric Decomposition Approach" (Download pdf)

Manfred Keil and James Symons
"The 2009 Recession in the U.S."(Download pdf)

Marc D. Weidenmier, Joseph H. Davis, Roger Aliaga-Diaz
"Is Sugar Sweeter at the Pump? The Macroeconomic Impact of Brazil’s Alternative Energy Program" (Download pdf)

Eric Hughson, Marc D. Weidenmier and Asaf Bernstein
"Can a Lender-of-Last-Resort Stabilize Financial Markets? Lessons from the Founding of the Fed"(Download pdf)

Richard C. K. Burdekin and Luke Redfern
"Stock Market Sentiment and the Draining of China’s Savings Deposits" (Download pdf)

Eric Helland and Alexander Tabarrok
"Product Liability and Moral Hazard: Evidence from General Aviation" (Download pdf)

Richard C. K. Burdekin and Luke Redfern
"Sentiment Effects on Chinese Share Prices and Savings Deposits: The 2003-2007 Experience" (Download pdf)

Brock Blomberg, Gregory Hess and J. Hunter Jackson
"Terrorism and the Returns to Oil" (Download pdf)

S. Brock Blomberg and Rozlyn C. Engel
"U.S. Military Academy Lines in the Sand: Border Effects, Economic Integration and Disintegration of Post-War Iraq" (Download pdf)

Brock Blomberg, Gregory D. Hess & CESifo, Yaron Raviv
"Where Have All the Heroes Gone? A Self-Interested, Economic Theory of Heroism"(Download pdf)