Psychological Science Opportunities and Resources

Undergraduate Opportunities

Summer Research Program

  • The CMC Summer Research Program provides research and intellectual opportunities to up to 20 CMC students on campus over the summer.

Internship Programs at CMC

Neuroscience fellowships, internships, and research opportunities

Graduate School

Ask your professors about graduate programs and what you need to do to be well qualified for these programs.

Career Opportunities

Psychology majors have an excellent skill set that can be applied to many different careers. Below we have some materials to help you identify and articulate your skills as well as a listing of careers that use those skills:

CMC Career Services Center

  1. Visit CMC Career Services Center or email:
  2. Career Services has many materials to help you with your resume, cover letters, interviewing skills, etc. as well as identify potential job opportunities
  3. Meet the Career Services staff here