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Walk-in Schedule (7pm - 9pm, Sun - Thu)

MATH 30: Calc IYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
MATH 31: Calc IIYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
MATH 32: Calc III Yes!Yes!Yes! 
MATH 32 H: Calc III HonorsAvailable via Appointment
MATH 52: Intro to StatisticsAvailable via Appointment
MATH 55: Discrete MathYes! Yes! Yes!
MATH 60: Linear Algebra Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
MATH 111: Ordinary Diff. Eqs. Yes!Yes!Yes! 
MATH 135: Complex AnalysisAvailable via Appointment
MATH 151: ProbabilityYes!Yes! Yes! 
MATH 152: Statistical InferenceAvailable via Appointment
MATH 171: Abstract AlgebraAvailable via Appointment
MATH 172: Galois TheoryAvailable via Appointment
ECON 120: Statistics for EconYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
ECON 122: Data Science for Econ Yes!  Yes! 
ECON 125: EconometricsYes!Yes!Yes!  
ECON 129: Game TheoryAvailable via Appointment
ECON 160: Accounting Data Analytics Yes!   
ECON 172: Health EconomicsAvailable via Appointment
CS 5: Intro to Computer ScienceYes! Yes! Yes!
CS 36: Foundations of Data ScienceYes!  Yes!  
CS 40: Computing for the WebYes!    
CS 46: Data Structure/AlgorithmsAvailable via Appointment
CS 148: Graph AlgorithmsAvailable via Appointment
PSYC 109: Statistics for PsychYes!  Yes! 
PHYS 30/31: General Physics Life SciencesYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
PHYS 33/34: Principles of PhysicsYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
Programming: PythonYes! Yes! Yes!
Programming: RYes! Yes! Yes!
Programming: MATLABAvailable via Appointment
Programming: C/C++Available via Appointment
Programming: HTML    Yes!
Programming: SQLAvailable via Appointment
Programming: StataAvailable via Appointment
Programming: SPSSAvailable via Appointment
Programming: Maple Yes! Yes! Yes!
Programming: ExcelYes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
Programming: LatexAvailable via Appointment
MATH 30: Calc I8 Mentors7 Mentors5 Mentors7 Mentors4 Mentors
MATH 31: Calc II6 Mentors3 Mentors3 Mentors4 Mentors1 Mentor
MATH 32: Calc III3 Mentors2 Mentors-4 Mentors1 Mentor
MATH 55: Discrete Math-1 Mentor--1 Mentor
MATH 60: Linear Algebra4 Mentors4 Mentors2 Mentors3 Mentors4 Mentors
MATH 111: Ordinary Diff. Eqs.1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor-1 Mentor
MATH 151: Probability2 Mentors2 Mentors3 Mentors2 Mentors1 Mentor
ECON 120: Statistics for Econ5 Mentors2 Mentors4 Mentors5 Mentors2 Mentors
ECON 125: Econometrics3 Mentors3 Mentors3 Mentors3 Mentors1 Mentor
ECON 129: Game Theory1 Mentor1 Mentor2 Mentors1 Mentor1 Mentor
CS 5: Intro to Computer Science1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor--
CS 36: Foundations of Data Science2 Mentors3 Mentors-3 Mentor-
CS 40: Computing for the Web1 Mentor2 Mentors2 Mentors1 Mentor-
CS 46: Data Structure/Algorithms1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor-
PSYC 109: Statistics for Psych2 Mentors3 Mentors2 Mentors1 Mentor-
PHYS 30/31: General Physics
Life Sciences
4 Mentors2 Mentors2 Mentors3 Mentors2 Mentors
PHYS 33/34: Principles of Physics4 Mentors2 Mentors2 Mentors3 Mentors2 Mentors
Programming: Python1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor1 Mentor-
Programming: R2 Mentors3 Mentors-3 Mentors-
Programming: STATA--1 Mentor--
Programming: LaTeX1 Mentor3 Mentors-1 Mentor1 Mentor