Applications, Selectivity, Yield, First Generation, Pell, Test Scores, High School Profiles, and New Student Values

Financial Aid

Proportions of Student on Any Aid, Need-based Aid, & Pell Grants, Average Debt at Graduation, and Financial Aid Budget Sources

Faculty & Courses

Tenured & Tenure-Track Faculty by Academic Department, Student to Faculty Ratio, Percent of Courses with Under 20 Students, Course Sections by Class Size Groupings, Average Course Section Size by Academic Department, and Percentage of Course Sections Taught by Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty


Enrollments by Semester, Enrollment FTEs by Location, Proportions of Enrolled Students by Race/Ethnicity, Geographic Origins Based on Permanent Address, Percent of Graduates Who Cross-Registered in the Claremont Colleges or Participated in NCAA Athletics, and Global Education Participation by Commencement Cohort


Summer Internship Participation, Internships by Location & Interest Cluster, and Sponsored Internship Participation

Majors of Enrolled Students

Proportions of Single, Dual, and Double Majors; Enrolled Majors by Class and Proportions; Sequences by Class and Proportions

Retention and Graduation Rates

First to Second Year Retention Rates, Retention by Race/Ethnicity, Graduation Rates at Four, Five, and Six Years After Entry, and Six Year Graduation Rates by Race/Ethnicity

Majors of Graduates

Counts of Majors & Graduates, Top 10 Majors, Proportions of Single, Dual, and Double Majors, and Major Figures Grouped by CMC Major Categories

Outcomes: 6-months After Graduation

Primary Activity Six Months After Graduation, First Destination Locations & Top Employers, Employment by Interest Cluster & Cohort, Median Starting Salary of Full-time Employed Alumni by Interest Cluster & Cohort

Outcomes: Longitudinal

Alumni with Public LinkedIn Profiles, Jobs Across the World & in the USA, Employers, Jobs by Interest Clusters, and Percent of Jobs by Position Level


Core Competency Using Senior Thesis and Leadership Survey Data Comparisons