Registration Information

Registration Information


Continuing students pre-register for spring semester courses in mid-November, and for fall semester courses in mid-April. All currently enrolled CMC students who plan to attend Claremont McKenna College in the future terms should pre-register at their appointed day and time. Students who cannot register at their assigned day or time may do so at a later time, but they may not register early. The course schedule will be available online beginning at least two weeks in advance of pre-registration. Specific registration information, including registration appointment date and time, will be conveyed to students via email at least two weeks in advance of pre-registration. Pre-registration appointment windows are open for 24 hours from the assigned date and time. Registration opens for all students following the conclusion of the last pre-registration appointment.

Registration windows open and close to accommodate academic policies and new student orientation. Registration opens for all continuing and returning students following the conclusion of pre-registration. In fall, registration for spring remains open through the add deadline in spring, which is the 10th instructional day of the semester. In spring, registration for fall remains open until late summer, at which time registration will close to allow the incoming class to register for their first semester of classes. At the conclusion of freshman registration, registration will re-open for all students until the add deadline in fall, which is the 10th instructional day of the semester.

New students entering CMC in the fall semester register for classes for the first time at the conclusion of new student orientation before fall classes start. New students will be assigned a 2-hour registration window before classes start, during which time only new students are able to register and make schedule changes see Registration Appointment Protocol). Once classes start, registration re-opens for all students. For more information about registration and requirements, please see New Student Academic Resources.

First-year students entering CMC mid-year are offered a registration opportunity in January before spring classes begin.

Transfer students work closely with Registrar’s Office staff to determine their first semester schedule. Once transfer evaluations are complete during the summer and course recommendations made, transfer students send course preferences to the Registrar’s Office. To ease the transition to CMC, Registrar’s Office staff register transfer students over the summer leading up to the start of the first semester at CMC. After classes begin, transfer students use the student portal to make schedule changes and register for all subsequent semesters at CMC.

Students accepted for off-campus study or exchange programs in the next semester should not pre-register for courses at CMC unless their plans change.