Writing Assistance for Students in the Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley Programs

Specifically for students who are participating in off-campus study with the Washington D.C. Program and the Silicon Valley Program, The Center for Writing offers online support for any paper at any stage of the writing process. We encourage students in this program to take advantage of this service.

The process for submitting and receiving help is as follows:

  1. Contact us well before your assignment is due at writing@cmc.edu with a draft of the writing in question.

  2. Share with us detailed information about the paper and what you specifically want help with.

  3. A consultant will be assigned to your paper and will assist you shortly thereafter.

  4. The consultant will read over and comment on the essay using Microsoft Word, sending it back to you promptly.

Please be sure your essay is saved in Microsoft Word format. Our consultants will comment on your essay through Word's comment feature. We do not correct all grammatical or punctuation errors with "Track Changes" but will note them with explanations and recommendations provided in the comments.

Please expect a time span of at least two days before you will receive your paper with comments. If you send us your paper after regular operating hours, we will begin the above process the next day we are open.

This service is extended only to students currently in the Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley Programs.