PE Requirement and PE Courses

CMC students must complete three semesters of physical education by the end of their sophomore year. Two seasons of CMS intercollegiate athletic team or club sport participation from an approved list will also fulfill the PE requirement.

  • To count towards the PE requirement, students must register for all PE courses, including athletic teams and club sports. Coaches cannot sign up or drop students. Regular due dates and deadlines apply to PE courses.
  • All PE courses are non-credit courses for CMC students.
  • Fees for PE courses are charged to students' accounts. Fees are final as of the deadline to add classes on the 10th day of the semester.
  • Joint PE (JP) courses begin on the first Monday of the semester at 8:00 am. Instructors for Joint PE (JP) courses that are "to be arranged" will contact students with instructions and meeting information. Students who do not hear from their instructors by the second Thursday of classes should contact the instructor or studio directly. Students can find contact information in the Notes for each class on the course schedule. Pomona PE (PO) courses begin on the first day of the semester.