Change of Graduation Date

Degree-seeking undergraduate students are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward a goal of graduation within 4 academic years (8 semesters). If you wish to graduate in fewer than eight semesters, or if you are behind on credit or requirements, you may provide a plan to the registrar’s office so your expected graduation date can be changed. If the plan is feasible based on the judgement of the registrar’s office staff, your expected graduation date may be updated.

Planning for a Timely Graduation

When creating your graduation plan, consider the following:

  1. If you are behind on credit, address how you will make up the credit. In general, the further you are from graduation, the more opportunities you have to catch up. There are many ways to catch up on credit:
  2. Be specific, even if your plans may change. If you are planning on transferring in courses, provide the school where you are planning to study; if you are planning to overload, make clear how many times you’ll have to overload and in which semesters.
  3. Compose your plan, and then email it to for consideration. A member of the registrar’s office staff will respond to you.
  4. The registrar will update your graduation date upon receipt of your transfer credit, and/or approval of your graduation plan.