Accreditation Review Process

WSCUC has offered Claremont McKenna College the opportunity to participate in the Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation for its 2021-2022 reaccreditation exercise.  This process allows CMC to conduct a themed self-study of specific interest to the College and frame its compliance with and commitment to accreditation standards through that self-study. Upon articulating its strategic priorities, CMC chose “Advancing Student Success” as its self-study theme. Through this lens, CMC will study a set of student success initiatives at the College and compose a report and prepare documentation for a visiting team of peer evaluators that demonstrates our compliance with accreditation standards. The visiting team will make recommendations to CMC and to the WSCUC Commission regarding CMC’s continuing accreditation status. The Commission will review the visiting team’s assessment, then determine whether, for how long, and under what conditions CMC may remain accredited. CMC has been conducting its self-study since 2019, will submit its institutional report by January of 2022, and eagerly anticipates hosting a visiting team of peer evaluators in March of 2022.